LETTERS: A third candidate is vying for SD27


Editor: Just to inform your readers and the citizens of Aurora, GV and Centennial, Tom Kim and Tom Sullivan are not the only people running for Senator from District 27. I am, too. I am running as a write-in candidate for the new Colorado Center Party. I’m the same person who ran as a Democrat for House District 56 in the 2016 election cycle and whom the Sentinel endorsed.

Both Toms offer nothing but “more of the same.” The new Colorado Center Party represents an attempt by Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliateds who are fed up with the current system to carve out a centrist-moderate position between the extremes to stand for both fiscal responsibility and full inclusion. We can have both. Politics doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition anymore.

We already have a left and right. This year please join us in the sensible center and write-in Matt Snider as your choice for Senator in District 27.

For more information about the Colorado Center Party, please see: https://coloradocenterparty.org/matt-snider-for-state-senate/

Matt Snider, via [email protected]

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Roberta Johnson
Roberta Johnson
2 months ago

Interesting??? Speaking of interesting, why would any top cop want to be the new Police Chief in the City of Aurora?? City Council Members are nuts, you have a descent decree you must follow and a culture of no one trusting the cops. White, Brown or Black, I can’t see any strong top cop who’s a leader and who’s qualified would want this job! Let the State Troopers just take over or the Sheriff’s Department.