LETTERS: A job well done for former Gov. Dick Lamm


Editor: RIP, Dick Lamm! This man was a true visionary, sent to us by the Universe at a time when he was sorely needed, and he was just the tonic for what ailed us. He saved us from the disastrous effects that the Winter Olympics would have heaped upon us.

Too bad we couldn’t have carried on in his image. Yes, he sometimes spouted off, as most are wont to do, but his policies were spot-on. He was a masterful money manager and was fiscally responsible, so much so that we, the taxpayers, got 2 huge tax refunds long before Douglas Bruce and his ill-fated constitutional amendment were ever heard of.

I was a state employee at the time, and sometimes bristled at the policies he imposed upon us (to do more with less; we even had to have drivers’-license offices open from 8 to 8.), but all the while I knew it was for the best for all Coloradans, without selfish regard. For instance, we were not allowed to use air conditioners, and thermostats in public buildings had to be kept at a certain temperature. Conservation of water was mandated. The State set up a mandatory carpooling program for those of us who worked in the downtown area. He mandated recycling. Sure, some of the things may have seemed a bit inconvenient at the time, but THEY WORKED! He slashed costs in a manner that shamed most republicans, and thereby not only balanced the budget as required by law, but created a surplus that was returned to the citizens. He created, by mandate, a welcoming environment in state service for all, especially gays and women at a time when the ERA was a political and religious football.

It almost seemed he knew where the Country was headed and wanted to hasten its progress, and that he knew what disastrous effects we wasteful Americans were having on the planet.

Dick, when you crossed over, God was heard to say “Job well-done. You completed the mission you were sent on.” I know many will lambaste him for no-other reason than because he had the dreaded ‘D’ behind his name, but those folks would just be ignorant of history and the man’s accomplishments.

— Joe Felice, via [email protected]

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Steve Ruddick
1 month ago

Joe is spot on! You can write for pages ad nauseum about his accomplishments and his leadership. He inspired future generations of environmental politicians and was loved for speaking the truth on our state and nation’s future environmental and fiscal health, but what stands out was the he was a true populist. He cared about and remembered everyone he met on his life journey. I was always impressed with his honest intellectualism, but even more so with his understanding that it was individual people who counted most. He never forgot anyone he met because he truly listened to them and cared about them. It did not matter if you were a freshman Democratic legislator like me or a formidable crusty old Republican leader of the Senate, he knew you because he first listened to and then understood where you were coming from. He cared about you more than he cared about himself.

Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
1 month ago

But wasn’t Gov. Lamm the one who said “old people should die to help the economy” when he was governor. Just like GOP said during the pandemic. I found that appalling.