LETTER: White people must push for accountability

Dear white people: This is on us! We are the ones who have benefitted from our privilege in our American white supremacist society. We are the ones that must fix it. We are the ones who must be better. We must vote out the party whose figurehead only says out loud what they’ve all believed for decades. We must vote out the party whose convention uses tokenism to “invite[d] a cadre of professional “Black friends” to validate Donald Trump and make white people feel a little less racist while supporting white supremacy.”-Elie Mystal. We must vote out the party whose prominent members hold up a 17-year-old white supremacist terrorist, who crossed state lines fully intent on murdering people seeking justice, as a “hero”. We must vote out a party that is supported by police unions solely because they refuse to hold police and the system itself accountable for centuries of violence towards people of color.

And then, we must hold the other party accountable for actually enacting true change to form a new America that values equity and repairing the harm we have caused to indigenous Americans and Americans of color since our founding. They must stop with just words, and do their job as our political leaders to make this country a just place. We must demand laws that hold bad cops accountable and hold accountable the departments, unions, communities that have formed a workplace and community where those officers were allowed to exist. We must demand accountability for a healthcare system that fails people of color as often or more often that it helps them. We must expect all white leaders of our party to acknowledge their own white privilege and work every day to dismantle the structures that have been in place since the inception of our country, those structures that were put in place intentionally to maintain white privilege. This is our work.

— Melissa Roberts-Brysh, via [email protected]