LETTER: We need healthcare, not political interference


Editor: It is not the place of politicians or groups to restrict the options of someone facing a difficult diagnosis or pregnancy complication, but that is exactly what Proposition 115 would do. It is bad health policy and a downright cruel initiative which would make an already tough situation that much worse, for many Coloradans and families across the state.

The decision to end a pregnancy is very personal and is best made by each person with guidance from their health professionals and with the support of the people they love, without political interference. It’s impossible for us to know the unique circumstances of each person’s situation and Proposition 115 has zero exceptions for rape, a lethal fetal diagnosis, or health risks. This is an unacceptable violation of our shared values as Coloradans.

Proposition 115 leaves no room for the complexity of these medical decisions or compassion for Coloradans navigating these situations. I am urging Colorado voters to oppose Proposition 115. It is just another attempt to use the ballot box to interfere with our most personal medical decisions.

— Nancy Mora Domínguez, via [email protected]