LETTER: The course of pandemic will rely on the next elected president


Editor: The virus doesn’t care about your politics. Neither does the carbon-dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Both can, and will, continue to grow no matter how you cast your ballot.

Should you believe that almost 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in this country would have happened under anybody but President Donald Trump’s watch, there’s very little reason for you to continue reading this letter.

But if you believe in science and scientists, please stay with me. The president was told in January how lethal the coronavirus is. Did he share that knowledge with people who have trained for years, if not decades, on how to stop a viral pathogen? Did he urge people to mask up, keep their distance, and listen to those with medical knowledge? No, he assured the country that the virus was just visiting, that it would go away as the seasons changed, and that businesses and schools would be just fine by staying open.

The results of his magical thinking are before you. Please vote accordingly.

— Barbara J. Kelly, via [email protected]