LETTER: Steve House’s experience and insightfulness is right for Aurora


Editor: Did we elect Jason Crow to ally himself with the radical fringe of his party?

He’s done just that, voting 92% of the time with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez—the author of the Green New Deal, which would cost Colorado thousands of jobs and over a billion dollars of yearly tax revenue that funds essential services like schools and roads. He’s also voted 92% of the time with Ilhan Omar, who is a leading advocate for defunding the police.

On top of that, Crow ranks as the least effective member of our Colorado delegation according to Gov Track’s 2019 study—illustrating his inability to build-consensus and find common ground. And he’s demonstrating that right now as he’d rather fund pet projects than vote for much needed relief funds to help Colorado small businesses and communities get back on their feet.

We should expect our leaders to represent their whole district and to be productive members of Congress. In short, we should expect much more from our elected officials than what Crow has shown. 

Steve House will meet those expectations and then some! The editorial board of this newspaper rightfully described how Steve is “insightful”, “listens to opposing viewpoints”, and demonstrates “heart-felt compassion to the Aurora region’s vastly diverse community”. He’s done just that—meeting with numerous diverse groups across the region to understand what’s important to us and discuss solutions to help our community thrive. He knows that affordable healthcare, restoring our economy, and keeping our communities and schools safe is important to all of us, no matter our demographic or political affiliation.

Steve has 36 years of experience as an innovative health care entrepreneur, expertise that would serve us very well in Washington D.C. If some are criticizing him for not wanting socialized health care, well that makes him an even better candidate! Socialized health care is proven to increase taxes, shrink health care choice, and reduce quality of care. Instead, Steve wants to give us (not the government) the power to make the right decisions for our health. His plan will create lower and more transparent cost, increased choice, and improved care ensuring pre-existing conditions are covered.  

Our community deserves a collaborative leader who represents our diverse voices, not who simply votes in-line with the far fringe of his party. We deserve a representative who understands that Coloradans value lower taxes, affordable high-quality healthcare, community safety, and a prosperous energy policy and will work hard to deliver on those principles. We deserve a leader who puts Coloradans over the politics of D.C.

Steve House will use his valuable experience, innovative-thinking, and inclusive compassionate leadership to represent all of our community with excellence. Let’s vote Steve House for our U.S. House Representative! 

— Vicki Noffsinger, via [email protected]