LETTER: Oppose Proposition EE to support low-income residents and small businesses in Aurora


Editor: Proposition EE is not the solution to fix Colorado’s preschool funding dilemma. The proposed ballot measure is a $294 million tax increase on Colorado voters. As we attempt to recover from economic losses due to COVID-19, the last thing Coloradans need is a massive tax hike. 

Proponents of EE continue to push Coloradans to vote for the ballot measure by claiming the tax revenues collected, if passed, will go to fund preschool education. Unfortunately, EE would not secure universal preschool for every four-year-old in the state. The funds are not earmarked for specific projects such as preschool funding; and instead, all revenues from EE will go directly into the state’s General Fund. EE does not guarantee that any money will reach preschool for two-and-a-half years, if ever. 

In addition, advocates of this ballot measure claim this is a “win-win for the future of our children.” Unfortunately, this is not accurate as Colorado children may never see the benefits of the funds from the ballot measure. 

Proposition EE is a poorly drafted ballot initiative that would give money to the legislature to spend on unidentified projects. Coloradans deserve to know exactly which programs these tax revenues will fund including a firmer spending timeline to ensure voter money is not being wasted.

This is a $294 million tax increase on Coloradans just as we are trying to recover from COVID-19. Coloradans deserve better.

Coloradans deserve better. Join me in voting “NO” on Proposition EE.

— Marsha Berzins, Aurora City Council Member

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