LETTER: Jason Crow’s commitment to all deserves another term in Congress


Editor: As a resident of Thornton and The 6th Congressional District, I will be voting to re-elect Congressman Jason Crow to the House of Representatives for a second term.

As a grandmother of a school age boy I am very concerned about the violence in our schools and in our communities. Congressman Crow is working hard to stop gun violence. He is the Vice Chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force and supports a bill to expand background checks for all gun sales. He understands how important this is to all of us and why things must change.
The other reason Jason has my support is because of his commitment to all of us. I believe in his integrity, honesty, and dedication. In this time of chaos and confusion I know that I can count on Jason to stay focused and continue moving forward with his work for all Coloradans and the country.
I believe Jason is the future of Colorado & I am proud to be supporting him in the 2020 election.
— JoAnn Henry, via [email protected]