LETTER: Bring FAMILI Act home to Colorado



As the 2018 FAMLI Act moves through the state legislature, I strongly urge Colorado’s legislators to support this legislation.

As the owner of Sweet Action Ice Cream, I know it’s important to treat employees well, but it’s difficult for shops like mine to offer paid leave. The FAMLI Act proposes creating a paid leave program funded by small employee payroll deductions. This gives employees access to a critical benefit with no financial burden on the employer.

The business advantages are great for both the employee and the employer. My employees have peace of mind knowing they can care for family members without fear of being replaced. For the business owner, it helps reduce scheduling issues and instills a sense of loyalty with employees.

I know that taking care of my employees makes good business sense. The FAMLI Act will level the playing field for small firms like mine.

— Chia Basinger, Aurora