AURORA | Part of Interstate 225 was closed more than six hours into early Sunday when a motorist died after he lost control of his car and drove it under a semi-tractor trailer, according to Aurora police.

Police responded to the crash in the southbound lanes of I-225 near East Mississippi Avenue just before 11 p.m. Saturday.

Initial investigation revealed that the unidentified driver of a Lexus sedan was southbound on I-225 “at a high rate of speed,” according to a statement by Aurora Police Agent Matthew Longshore.

“The man driving the Lexus attempted to pass another vehicle (in the right lane) on the right shoulder when it lost control,” Longshore said. “The man drove up the right grass embankment before veering back onto the roadway, then being wedged under the trailer of a semi.”

The 58-year-old Lexus driver was pronounced dead on scene, police said.

His identity will be released at a later day by county coroner officials.

The semi driver was uninjured.

Southbound lanes of the highway were closed until about 5 a.m. Sunday to accommodate an investigation. 

Police said this is the 10th traffic fatality this year.

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  1. 10 for the year and we haven’t even finished March. I don’t know what the answer is, and I’m not sure there’s a simple one, but Aurora’s roads are downright unsafe.

    1. Aurora’s roads are perfectly safe!
      It is us drivers who make mistakes or cause problems through careless driving.

      Was the driver DUI or drugs?
      Could his accelerator have become stuck and he did not place transmission iNeutral?
      Were seat-belts in use?

  2. This reckless, stupid, arrogant SOB got what he deserved and thankfully no one else was injured.

    1. That’s harsh:( I know we all have done some stupid shit. So bad luck hit. That’s it. Dude rest in peace:)

    2. first off all he was a family member and one of his meds caused him to black out it was a new medication and then he lost control so before you just start going on about people you only know what they want to tell you so please be kind he does have a family and we dont take light to this nonsense

  3. Dang young’ins and all their unsafe driving I tell you! Poor kiddo wasn’t even 60 years old!

  4. I’m sorry for his family that he lost his life. Passing at a high rate of speed off the paved surface late at night … you would think people would intuitively know this is a bad thing. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this twice before, one angry driver flipping multiple times into a ditch and the second angry driver flipping multiple times into a cable barrier, but both drivers survived.

  5. Just to inform you he was actually a family member he was 54 years old and no one knows exactly what happened or what was going on honestly so please don’t just talk about people you don’t know the situation you get only what the news tells you so tread lightly he does have a family and we are mourning the death of him

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