AURORA | 19-year-old man seeking gunshot wound treatment at a local hospital refused to reveal to police who shot him in the hand Sunday.

Police said officers were called to a local Aurora hospital some time after noon Sunday after the injured man walked in to the undisclosed hospital for treatment. 

“ The man did not cooperate with officers,” police said. “No suspect info.”

No other details were released.

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    1. Doug, you do get it alright. You pay! You think this guy will – no way? If he was a true victim, he would want some justice. This guys some low-rent gangster. The victims are the taxpayers that don’t, won’t, and are unwilling to hold anybody accountable.

  1. So the man goes to the hospital and expects the “local hospital”
    to give him the heath  care to save his hand. But, in return he refuses to give the cops any information. I’m betting he has no insurance and expects somebody else to pay for his treatment. Now who would that be? That’s a likely scenario. No information- no getting free care from the taxpayer. Sue him for the cost,and treat him like everybody else. No free-bees!

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