EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story said the shooting occurred in Englewood. The shooting was in Arapahoe County. We regret the error.

AURORA | Deputies say an Arapahoe County man shot his wife to death in their driveway Thursday morning and then crashed his car as he sped away from the scene.

Arapahoe County sheriff deputies were called by  neighbors to the home at 5280 S. Geneva Way at about 8 a.m. to respond to a domestic disturbance.

David Lechner. Photo via Arapahoe County Sheriff Department

“When they arrived, they found a deceased female, age 42, in the driveway with a gunshot wound,” sheriff spokeswoman Ginger Delgado said in a statement. “The suspect fled the scene in a vehicle and crashed a short distance away.”

Later identified as David Samuel Lechner, 45, he was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for “superficial injuries.”

Investigators said neighbors were unsuccessful in trying to stop Lechner from fleeing the scene after the shooting.

Lechner is being held without bond in the Arapahoe County jail and faces charges of first degree murder, aggravated assault and domestic violence.

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    1. Domestic violence is a tragedy and a horrendous problem in our country and gun or no gun people are killed, maimed and damaged in enumerous ways. Politics have nothing to do with it. And yes, sir, you are an idiot.

  1. I guess we know where the moderators here stand politically. I tried to respond to a comment from Doug and it wasn’t approved. I wonder why? I had mentioned that this person could actually be a registered democrat, I guess that hit a nerve huh?

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