Jordan Hancock in an Aurora police video, obtained by Channel 7 news

If you were thinking Denver’s mayor and kid couldn’t sink any lower, Monday’s Denver State of the City event proved you way wrong.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock showed he’s just as tone deaf as his son, Jordan Hancock, when it comes to handling elected office and life in general.

Hancock, while stretching the truth about how fabulous things are for Denver denizens because of his superior leadership, stretched reality by claiming that his poor, poor family has suffered so because of his political celebrity.

No, dude. Your son, Jordan Hancock, got twisted in the media ringer in early May because he was a twerpy little ass-hat on camera when Aurora cops pulled him over for speeding.

The younger Hancock was outed by someone who slipped an Aurora cop’s body-cam film to Denver’s Channel 7.

The video showed Junior Hancock cursing and making gay slurs at the poor Aurora cop, who was just doing his job, and then threatening to get him fired.

“My dad’s the mayor, you f—ing f–got,” Hancock told the cop, as seen and heard in the video clip. His foolishness turned even more foul by either not knowing he was in Aurora, or that daddy is mayor only of Denver and not the chancellor of the metro area.

Nobody out here cares who Jordan Hancock’s daddy is. Jordan, who was 22 when this went down, got his 15 minutes of fame all on his own.

9News anchor and wag Kyle Clark took it even further yesterday during his Next news show broadcast. He verbally flogged Mayor Hancock for saying his family had been tagged in the media because he struck out a political career. Clark made it clear Hancock’s family had to suffer media scrutiny because of Hancock’s own infamous sexual harassment of a female police agent.

That would be former political career. Hancock is self-damaged goods. Denver citizens deserve much better, and everyone in Hancock’s family needs to know the cameras are going to keep on rolling.

— Dave Perry, Sentinel Editor