Aurora City Council members discuss an expansion of city homelessness offerings, creating a center with additional kinds of housing. SENTINEL SCREEN GRAB

AURORA | Curtis Gardner became the latest Aurora City Council member to file paperwork to run for re-election, announcing his intention to continue as an at-large council representative.

“Aurora is a growing city, and we need leaders with a vision to ensure future generations can thrive,” he said in a news release. “In my second term, I’ll continue to be a strong advocate for our residents and will focus on public safety, economic growth and affordability, and quality of life to ensure Aurora is the best place in Colorado to live, work and play.”

Gardner, a registered Republican, said in the release that the council needed to back investing in essential services like road maintenance and law enforcement while avoiding partisan conflict on the dais.

Gardner has lived in Aurora most of his life. He holds a master’s degree in finance and worked at a local credit union for 14 years before accepting his current job as a local government liaison in the solid waste industry.

He has also served as a member of the Aurora Citizens’ Advisory Budget Committee, as treasurer of the Aurora Cultural Arts District and as president of his homeowners’ association. In December, he was chosen to serve as mayor pro tem for 2023.

Earlier this year, fellow Republican Francoise Bergan also announced her intention to run for re-election as the council representative of Ward VI, encompassing southeast Aurora.

Bergan, who previously worked in management and consulting, is seeking her third term on the council and highlighted her advocacy for the city’s new southeast Aurora recreation center, efforts to combat street racing and support of new parks and trails in her ward as accomplishments in an announcement posted on her website.

“I’m honored to be a strong voice for my constituents in city hall,” she said in the announcement. “Whether advocating for roads, public safety, housing, economic development, recreation, or retail, I’m committed to being a good steward of city revenue and making southeast Aurora the envy of the metro area.”

Bergan also described her leadership of the council’s Planning and Economic Development Policy Committee, vice chair role on the Management and Finance Policy Committee and membership on the Water Policy Committee, as well her service on the governing boards of the E-470 Public Highway Authority, Aerotropolis Regional Improvement District and Aurora Economic Development Council.

Conservative Angela Lawson, currently an at-large representative, will be running for the Ward V seat held by Democrat Alison Coombs, who is running for an at-large position. Lawson’s voter registration shows she is unaffiliated with any political party.

Lawson seeks a third term on the council and wrote in a social media post that she wanted to promote quality of life, public safety, economic development, housing, transportation and resources for older adults in the southwestern ward.

“During my time on council, there are three principles I think are essential as a leader of the city: know who you represent, be honest and transparent, and ensure that our city is fiscally responsible. Community engagement is important in all aspects of city business especially as the city grows,” she said in an announcement on her website.

She has lived in Aurora’s Ward V for 22 years and holds master’s degrees in social science, public administration and public policy. Lawson previously worked in the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, where she oversaw the Elections Division’s lobbyist registration program. She was not available to confirm whether she still holds a position there. 

Republican Jono Scott, who ran unsuccessfully for the Ward III seat in 2021, is also running for an at-large seat this fall. The pastor and director of a local food bank described himself as a “constitutional American” and said on his website that he would support public safety, economic development and housing affordability while opposing new taxes.

“​As a father, husband, pastor, coach, servant, budget-officer, and friend to many in our community, I am excited for the incredible potential of Aurora,” Scott said. “I believe that by serving our community today, we can set the right course for our future — a future that ensures that the people of Aurora can feel safe, work freely and raise their families with a high quality of life.”

Scott has lived in Aurora for more than 30 years and holds a master’s degree in religious education as well as an undergraduate degree in biblical studies. He has also served on the Citizens’ Advisory Budget Committee, including as chair.

Lawson will face progressive Democrat Chris Rhodes in Ward V, while Democrat Brian Matise challenges Bergan in Ward VI, and Gardner and Scott face Coombs and challenger Democrat Rev. Thomas Mayes.

Democrat Jason McBride has announced his intention to run for the seat being vacated by Marcano, along with Republican Stephanie Hancock, although neither had filed paperwork with the City Clerk’s office as of April 18.

Aurora’s City Council includes six representatives elected from each one of the city’s six wards, four at-large members elected by the city as a whole and a mayor who presides over meetings and has tie-breaking powers.

Ward IV Representative Juan Marcano, a Democrat, is running for mayor. Current Republican Mayor Mike Coffman said recently he has not made public whether he will run for a second term.

The city’s municipal election will take place Nov. 7.

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  1. We need to get rid of Johnson, Bergin and especially Gardner. All 3 have covered for and excused Sundberg’s sexual harassment or city employees. They all voted to defund the city position required by the consent decree and defunded a DEI position. They also are withholding commission funds that are owed to the various commissions per the city charter if they don’t agree with how the money is being utilized. They are two faced and used their positions for personal gain.

      1. Yes and she bends her vote to whoever holds power. I don’t have to agree with anyone’s views but Atleast I can respect someone being consistent. She is not. Also she’s one of the people who chose to help Sundberg hide his sexual harassment of city employees using a rule that’s supposed to protect victims not the aggressors.

        1. You’re clearly thinking of someone else. Nicole Johnston isn’t remotely supportive of Sundberg in any way. Not sure how she can help Sundberg when he succeeded her and she’s no longer in office anymore.

        2. “I don’t have to agree with anyone’s views but at least I can respect someone being consistent.”

          Amanda, you made me spit out my coffee with that one. You don’t respect anyone who consistently disagrees with you.

          You also seem perplexed that Johnston has not been on council for years and never with Sundberg,

  2. Hey Curtis and Alison
    Are you going to have the courage to campaign at Heritage Eagle Bend and explain your vote to approve the Echalon development, while you beg for our votes with your puppy dog eyes.

    Please tell us who and how much $$$ you took from Lobbyists and others. We will see through your bullshit.

    And by the way we are a large block of votes. And we vote in masse.
    I’ll bet the both of you are cowards and won’t show up. In any case, show up or not, we will still vote your sorry asses out.

    1. Heritage Eagle Bend doesn’t have an option on this list that wouldn’t vote for Echelon in the At Large Race. Gardner, Combs, etc already voted for it. The only other people in that race right now are Scott (Republican) and Mayes (Democrat) – but Scott is partners with Gardner, Zvonek, etc and running with them, he would vote like them, and obviously Mayes would vote like his Democrat slate buddies (Marcano, Coombs, etc) who all voted for Echelon. HEB doesn’t have anyone to vote for but Gardner right now, unfortunately. Maybe a better Republican or Independent will stand up to run from HEB soon, so there is someone to vote against besides Gardner and Coombs and their friends, who would fight for HEB.

    2. It is extremely easy to know who is funding as campaign. That information is readily available so if you think they were paid off by lobbyists, why not go and find out instead of speculating? Casting aspersions without the facts is unworthy behavior. BTW with campaign contribution limits few votes would be influenced by contributions as they are not large amounts.

      As for showing up, first, I believe they will. They are transparent. Also, you could always show up at their monthly meetings or even address them in person at public invited to be heard. Second, if, as you say they have no hope of getting votes from what you describe as a monolithic voting block why should they show up? What would be the value to them in doing so? You might be better advised to find out their thinking and to forge a relationship than to build walls between you and who may well be representing you for another four years.

      1. Yes, I know that. And I may know that answer, but I want them to tell us. But thanks for your patronizing bullshit civics lesson. You just wasted a whole lot of words. Do me a favor call yourself dumb, and pretend it came from me. Never mind, I will just tell you myself. You are DUMB!

    1. And? How has that worked out in the past for this council that has always been dominated by the right?

  3. Hi, Dick. Your response to the city council story is inaccurate on a couple of counts. Democratic Socialists is “a political and activist organization, not a party,” according to their national organization. There is no Democratic Socialist Party registered in Colorado. Regardless of those who like or dislike Marcano’s alignment with the Denver DS group, he has repeatedly been clear about what it is, and how embraces it. He is, however, a registered Democrat and has been for as long as we can track his voter registration back.

  4. Angela Lawson for Ward V? Fantastic! Comes with the good news that Coombs is leaving our ward. Hoping Gardner keeps his seat and another strong candidate emerges to keep Coombs from returning for another term on the Council as the voters undo the debacle that was the 2019 election. And hoping Coffman runs for re-election (he’s been a good mayor). Marcano? Please… NO!

    1. Maybe Mike will be able to run a meeting without stumbling through the agenda by the end of his second term.

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