A rendering provided by Aurora Public Schools shows Del Mar Academy, which will be built on the site of Lynn Knoll Elementary School in the Del Mar Park neighborhood.
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  1. You have your school’s confused.
    Lyn Knoll school has been demolished and the new school is in construction on that site.
    South Middle School is closing at the end of May.
    I did my research on this. You can drive to locations to see for yourself.

  2. A further waste of money to line the pickets if construction companies while the children still can’t read anything or do simple math. Let’s hope this new school helps but there are reasons Charter schools are doing well while these boondoggle APS schools suck.

  3. Please send a photographer to these addresses next time you write on this subject. Same as previous article regarding Lyn Knoll school, you have presented incorrect and incomplete information by not physically visiting the location(s).

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