LETTERS: Aurora needs Becky Hogan


Editor: I know that Becky Hogan is a perfect choice for City Council at Large. With her background in economic development and her experience she will get things done in the city. When elected she will continue to bring people together and will promote opportunities for all of Aurora’s citizens.

Bill Wiggins, via [email protected]

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Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
1 year ago

I have spent time looking at everything on Becky Hogan’s website and she does not seem to be up on the issues really needing attention today on the Council, including homelessness in Aurora, ending the gridlock and dysfunction under Coffman, and really supporting and valuing teachers and public education system. I’m voting for John Ronquillo, who teaches at Univ. of CO at Denver in public service and leadership, and has caring, informed and well-explained policies out there around these concerns. There is little specificity on Hogan’s website, and just one-liner promises. I do thank her though, for her efforts in the past for Aurora when her husband was a leader here.

1 year ago

I’m voting for Becky Hogan.

John Ronquillo’s “informed and well-explained policies” are all sociialistic, His “informed and well-explained policies” might be good for uninformed college students who generally are left wing thinking but not to be a socialist leader for a City of almost 400,000.

A vote for Ronquillo is a vote for socialism in Aurora.