LETTERS: Attacks against Ward 3 candidate Ruben Medina a ‘low blow’ for local politics


Editor: I live in Ward III which is now represented by Marsha Berzins.

Ruben Medina is running for Ward III.

I’ve received two political mailers from Ruben Medina’s opponent that asks voters to NOT vote for Ruben.

The mailer instills fear if Ruben Medina wins the Ward III election.

I’d like to comment that instilling fear of a candidate is a low blow and hopefully will backfire.

Ruben has a proven track record of working for the well being of Aurora.

His organizing talents led to the construction of the new 41,000 sq. ft. Moorehead Rec center, increasing attendance to 12,000 to 40,000 per year!

He’s a project manager, organizer, wrestling coach, and former fire fighter.

He has served on regional boards, including the Denver Foundation and RISE Colorado that works to educate and empower low income families.

I’m fearful that such negative campaigning will be the norm if Medina’s opponent wins.

If a candidate can’t win on his merits and has to resort to fearful, untrue statements about Ruben, it unfortunately will show that fearful, negative advertising is the way to
campaign in Aurora.

Please go to medina4Aurora.com to learn more about a very qualified candidate who has shown his dedication to our beloved city.

Pat Dunn, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
7 months ago

The mailing was also untrue and offensive. I hope it backfires.

Gary Beasley
Gary Beasley
7 months ago

I agree. Ruben is a quiet spoken, yet powerful leader for Aurora. Negative mailers may not be directly from his opponents but may reflect on their agenda. My vote is for Ruben!

7 months ago

My Momma always said you can judge a candidate by the way they campaign.

Shame on Jon Scott, a Pastor, running for Ward III by sending out two political mailers attacking his opponent Reuben Medina.

Jono Scott
6 months ago

People keep attacking me for putting out mailers that I have nothing to do with. May I remind everybody that the left-leaning City Council wrote the campaign finance rules that I am strictly abiding by (they were proposed by Marcano and Johnston). The rules (25 pages of them) state that I quite literally can have no contact, knowledge, or control over what people send out in my name. Even if I knew who sent them out, I couldn’t even contact them to tell them to stop. Negative campaigning is not my nature, desire, nor strategy. If you watch my forums, you would realize that I had nice things to say about Ruben. In fact, I said that I think we would enjoy being each other’s neighbors. I do not like his policies, but I do like his person.