QUIDNUNC: Indivisible forcing Coffman and GOP to eat Crow as he lands in Congress


Quidnunc, whose name comes from the Latin  “what now,” is out and about as often as possible  to bring you news overheard in elevators,  rest rooms and spied in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that local bleeding hearts just can’t stop giving Republicans the bird after November’s Blue-nami swept over this square state. Seems that Indivisible groups around the wildly greater metro area are holding a “Mr. Crow Goes to Washington Event” this week, in honor of Congressman Election Jason Crow. The obvious implication here being that the area’s crowing liberals are only too anxious to land a few post-November political droppings on the slumping shoulders of local Republicans, and especially outgoing Congressman Mike Coffman, who was dethroned by Crow in November. Odder than the opening-day schadenfreude fest itself it is what Colorado’s Club Birkenstock is offering up to St. Crow. Indivisible said they were offering up a “Coffman cleanse,” which must produce a pucker of vacillation for even the most left-leaning liberals in the district. Your faithful affiant has carefully planted sources to report back on the procedure but won’t be partaking personally, unable to imagine anything to take the taste of Coffman’s vote for the Trump Tax Scam out of one’s mouth or any other orifice energized lefties believe have been sullied. Curiouser yet are Indivisible calls for “accountability-encouraging gifts.” Quid can think only of the need for body-cams in Congress to see for ourselves what’s really going on under the nation’s dome. I doubt I’m the only one who sees this getting awkward in Capitol restrooms, and wonder, perhaps, if Indivisible’s intention actually is to strap one on GOP lawmakers, given past prima donna penchants for troublesome tap dances in Airport bathroom stalls.


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