A local pot shop is offering a little THC for a country in need of some political TLC.

Terrapin Care Station, based in — where else but Boulder — with stores in Aurora, is offering a 10 percent discount on the good stuff for any adult who brings in a screen shot of online voter registration.

Terrapin folks say they don’t care what your political bent is, everybody needs to vote, and everybody deserves the natural high voters get when they seal the deal with a ballot. And what better way to celebrate the power of democracy after than with a little Boulder buzz?

“No matter where you land on the political spectrum, participation in our nation’s democratic process is more important than ever,” Chris Woods, founder and owner of Terrapin Care Station said in a statement. “Passion is already strong this election cycle, but we wanted to further encourage participation in our elections.

“Political leanings may be polarized,” Woods said. “But everyone should agree that at its core, election participation is critical to a sound democracy.”

The discount runs through Election Day.

To get your discount, you gotta register to vote. Visit GoVoteColorado.com to register and check registration status. Complete the voter registration process. If you’re already a registered voter, keep going. Take a screenshot of your active registration status. You can cut off the screenshot after registration status to not include party affiliation, Terrapin officials said in a press release. Print or show the screenshot at a Terrapin store and get the 10 percent discount.

Here’s some absolutely free advice for diligent discount hunters: This year’s election is a ballot buster folks. Smoke that stuff after you peruse the Sentinel Colorado 2018 voter guide and endorsements and before you fill out the ballot. You’re gonna need all the attention span you can get.