Aurora City Council members discuss an expansion of city homelessness offerings, creating a center with additional kinds of housing. SENTINEL SCREEN GRAB

Follow Max Levy ( and the Sentinel for live coverage of the Aurora City Council’s June 5 study session.

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  1. We moved to West Aurora in 2015, much to the ongoing dismay of many friends who thought we were nuts. Totally remodeled a 60’s ranch, which came with a huge back yard, because of its age. Our area is a “glacial plain,” which means a glacier moved through a very long time ago, taking all of the topsoil and leaving only sand. We’ve added terraced gardens, water-wise landscaping in the front, and spread good soil over the rest to give water something to latch onto, BUT it has been tough seeing our yard turn brown and crunchy while trying to control the water use.
    I guess our friends may have been right, as we are being punished for living here. There must be a better way.
    and…I’ve contacted Aurora Water for help in reducing the grass. Ours is a little bigger than a tennis court.

  2. Thanks! The blog is easier to read the blow-by-blow of the Council meetings than it was on Twitter. Thanks for all you do, Max!

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