It’s unofficially, official, Aurora City Council, school board winners and losers tentatively tabbed

Ballots are counted by volunteers Nov. 2, 2021, at the Arapahoe County Elections Facility.
Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

AURORA | The end of election season is in sight across the Aurora region. Arapahoe and Adams counties confirmed they are done counting votes, nearly two weeks after polls and ballot drop-off locations closed. 

Official results for local school board races and the Aurora City Council will be certified on Nov. 19. Arapahoe County Clerk Joan Lopez said in a tweet Monday that the public, bipartisan audit will take place at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Michael Carter, Tramaine Duncan, Anne Keke and incumbent Debbie Gerkin will be sworn in as APS’ new board candidates on Nov. 30

Incumbent Kelly Bates was elected to a second term representing District D on the Cherry Creek school board and Kristin Allan will be sworn in the week after Thanksgiving to serve as District E’s new representative, replacing term-limited board president Karen Fisher. 

RIGHT TURN: Aurora voters shift city council to the political right with conservative candidates

In the Aurora City Council Ward III race between Jono Scott and Ruben Medina, Scott gained an early lead but further counts revealed Medina was able to scoot past his opponent. Medina leads by 126 votes. 

“Instead of getting angry, bitter, and/or hatefully fight, I chose to show the love of Christ in my relationships with those around me. This became real to me as I went to pick up my signs around the city. (Talk about a discouraging thing to do!) As I picked up my signs, I noticed that many of my opponent’s signs were close to mine,” Scott said in a letter to supporters last week. “I decided to pick these up and take them to him. I decided that I wanted to show kindness, love, and graciousness in the best way that I could. When I knocked on his door, he seemed pleasantly surprised. We had a wonderful (and long) conversation. I ended the conversation telling him that I wished him wisdom and success.”

Dustin Zvonek and Danille Jurinsky winning at-large seats and Steve Sundberg in Ward II will likely give the council three reliable conservative votes. Medina and incumbent Crystal Murillo in Ward I both run on progressive platforms.

New members of the Aurora City Council will be sworn in on Dec. 6.


2021 Aurora City Council Election: 2 At Large seats

Aurora City Council At-LargeAdams CountyArapahoe CountyDouglas CountyTotal
Dustin Zvonek9742677262728373
Danielle Jurinsky8412437465825873
Hanna Bogale47181421348747
Candice Bailey11952070625022151
John Ronquillo13212139429223007
Becky Hogan7951398429215071
Top two vote getters win seats

2021 Aurora City Council Election: Ward I, northwest Aurora

Aurora City CouncilWard IAdams CountyArapahoe CountyTotal
Bill Gondrez64310171660
Scott Liva167212379
Crystal Murillo, Incumbent86415382402
Top vote getter wins

2021 Aurora City Council Election: Ward II, northeast Aurora

Aurora City Council Ward IIAdams CountyArapahoe CountyTotal
Jessica Giammalvo2067941000
Robert Hamilton88453541
Bryan Lindstrom51630273543
Steven Sundberg55541684723
Top vote getter wins

2021 Aurora City Council Election: Ward III, west-central Aurora

Aurora City Council Ward IIIArapahoe County
Ruben Medina4180
Jono Scott4052
Top vote getter wins

2021 Cherry Creeks schools Board of Education - District D

Cherry Creek schools District D directorArapahoe County
Jennifer Gibbons24112
Schumé Navarro10370
Kelly Bates - Incumbent37227
Top vote-getter wins

2021 Cherry Creek schools Board of Education - District E

Cherry Creek schools District D directorArapahoe County
Jason Lester14121
Bill Leach21678
Kristin Allen35492
Top vote-getter wins

2021 Aurora Public Schools Board of Education - 4 At-Large Seats

Aurora Public Schools At-Large DirectorsAdams CountyArapahoe CountyTotal
Danielle Tomwing11181698218100
Tramaine Duncan13481274414092
Anne Keke16321698218614
Michael Carter16411546717108
Debbie Gerkin15791501216591
Christy Cummings11321242813560
Top 4 vote getters win seats