RowVaughn Wells, mother of Tyre Nichols, who died after being beaten by Memphis police officers, is comforted by Tyre's stepfather Rodney Wells, at a news conference with civil rights Attorney Ben Crump in Memphis, Tenn., Friday, Jan. 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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  • Memphis Police Force Investigation
  • Memphis Police Force Investigation

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    1. Maybe the nationwide effort to make police departments “look like their community” isn’t such a promising idea. How about we just focus on turning out good officers and stop with all the race lust?

  1. Especially Black parents, but all parents need to have ‘the talk’ with their kids, with emphasis on their sons. Interactions with police can quickly escalate based on how the cops perceive the attitude of whoever they’re dealing with .Every interaction has the potential for violence.

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