BACKLIT: Erick Swanson

Erick Swanson is the new Dean and Athletic Director at Murphy Creek P-8 school in Aurora. Already involved in education, being a teacher, Swanson moved from Michigan to Colorado. Visiting the state an average of three times a year, he figured it might be time to relocate to Colorado, and 11 years ago he did. Originally an art teacher, Swanson realized the impact creativity had on eager young minds, but knew there was more to it than just visual creativity that helped them grow. Athletics also play a fundamental role in development and he wanted to have a hand in that as well, and athletic director for a school seemed like the logical next step. He also happens to own a healthy amount of socks, north of 75 pairs. Swanson says you can never have to many, and assures that he doesn’t wait until they are all dirty before doing a wash.
Portrait by Philip B. Poston/The Sentinel