AURORA | Mayor Steve Hogan has been a mainstay in Aurora government and politics for decades, serving as the city’s head lawmaker since 2011, but this week he may be permanently etched into the city’s framework, as Aurora City Council will decide whether to rename recently-extended Sixth Avenue Parkway “Stephen D. Hogan Parkway.”

Hogan was a vital proponent of the project — which extended Sixth Avenue two miles, all the way out to E-470 in Aurora’s eastern reaches — as he has been about several others. Hogan lobbied for the project for years. Since the mid 1980s the city wanted to complete the project, but lacked funding until 2015. The construction of the project is expected to occur starting this  spring and continue through fall 2019.

The resolution recognizes Hogan as having a focus on “bolstering infrastructure and improving transportation for greater access and mobility throughout the metro area.” The Sixth Avenue Extension Project is slated to enhance east-west travel between Sixth Avenue, Highway 30 and E-470.

“The Sixth Avenue Parkway Extension Project is just one example of Mayor Stephen D. Hogan’s ongoing efforts aimed at creating a vibrant city for both residents and businesses, thereby making Aurora a city that gone from good to great,” the resolution says.

Hogan announced a cancer diagnosis earlier this year but said he has no plans of giving his seat up for the remainder of his term, which ends in 2019.

City council is also expected to take up a revised resolution concerning sexual harassment that implements a training course and prevents council members and appointees from being indemnified if they do not complete the training. This version includes sexual harassment policies for the city council — which currently do not exist.

—KARA MASON, Staff Writer