Man killed early Wednesday by Aurora cops during foot chase


AURORA | A man has been shot and killed by Aurora police responding to reports of someone shooting a gun.

The incident occurred about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in Aurora. Police say the suspect was taken to a hospital with serious injuries where he was later pronounced dead. The identity of the suspect has not been released.

No officers were hurt.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, APD Chief Nicholas Metz said he and his command staff had reviewed the body camera footage for the three officers involved in the incident and gave a breakdown of what led to the shooting. Metz said he decided to give a breakdown of body camera footage because of the high interest from the public in any incident of an officer-involved shooting and he wanted the APD to be as transparent as possible.

According to Metz, officers had been been responding to an incident around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday when they heard gun shots for several blocks away. When officers arrived at the scene at the 8900 block of E. Colfax Ave., they found shell casings on the ground and talked to witnesses who said they had been menaced by someone with a firearm.

After getting a description of the suspect, Metz said officers were in their patrol cars when they saw an African American man run past that fit the description given to them by a witness. Officers exited their cars and gave chase. Metz said in the video, officers can be heard shouting to the man to stop and drop the gun.

As the officers chased the suspect into the parking lot of the Biltmore Motel located at 8900 E. Colfax Ave., Metz said they continued to shout to the man to stop and dro the gun. As the officers came around a  corner, the command to drop the gun was given again ands then one of the officers shot the suspect. Metz said after shots were fired, officers continued to give a command to drop the gun until on the video the suspect can be hard saying gun dropped. After the gun was dropped, Metz said officers rendered aid and called for emergency medical services.

Metz said he couldn’t discuss how many shots were fired. Police say they confiscated a weapon not belonging to officers at the scene.

Metz said the suspect had an extensive federal and state criminal background including illegal possession of a firearm. The man’s family had been notified and offered assistance through the APD.

The officer who fired the shots is a 34-year old white man who had been with APD three years and didn’t have any disciplinary incidents or had been involved in an officer-involved shooting before this incident. The other two officers were a 34 year old white man with three years of experience with APD and a 30 year old white man with 3 years of experience with APD.

The incident is still being investigated by the Aurora Police Major Crimes/Homicide Unit in conjunction with the Denver Police Department.

Metz said he was proud of the officers for immediately shifting from “enforcement mode to lifesaving mode” and rendered aid in an attempt to save the suspect’s life.