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Aurora vote 2021 — city council, school board and ballot questions

AURORA VOTE 2021 - Recent headlines

Aurora City Council Election 2021

Aurora City Council - At Large Race

AURORA VOTE 2021: Leadership style and critical issues dominate at-large race...

The two at-large seats have a chance of tipping the Aurora City Council to a majority for both liberal and conservative factions. Since the Ward II vacancy earlier this summer, several important measures have been deadlocked at a 5-5 vote.

Aurora City Council - Ward 1 Race

AURORA VOTE 2021: WARD I – Oldest part of Aurora brings...

The ward sits in Adams County, north of East Colfax Ave. It includes economic drivers such as the Anschutz Medical Campus, a growing food and entertainment scene and some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Denver metroplex. 

Aurora City Council — Ward II Race

Final ‘no’ vote on contentious Aurora city council vacancy appointment draws...

“I think that he deserves to come into this council with his credibility intact for running a campaign that led to him winning. And I think this undermines that,” Councilmember Allison Hiltz said.

Aurora City Council — Ward III Race

Ward III GOP candidate Jono Scott requests recount of loss to...

“It’s not that I’m a conspiracy theorist or want to to stir things up. I’m not an insurrectionist, but I am a firm believer in due process,” said Jono Scott

APS School Board Race

AURORA VOTE 2021: Aurora Public Schools candidates focus on pandemic lag,...

Six candidates are vying for four seats on the Aurora Public Schools board of education this election. AURORA | Candidates Anne Keke, Debbie Gerkin, Christy...

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Cherry Creek Schools Election 2021

Cherry Creek District D Election

Cherry Creek District E Election

GOP push to politicize school board races gets election test in...

Aurora's Cherry Creek school district has been the focus of intense controversy during this election cycle, bringing partisan politics, pandemic policy and national skirmishes into the mix.

State and Regional Ballot Questions

AURORA VOTE 2021: 1A — County wants to make open space...

“If our voters approve this reauthorization measure in November, we’ll be able to continue funding the many parks, trails, heritage areas and other projects that have become integral to the quality of life we enjoy throughout the County,” Arapahoe County Board Chair Nancy Jackson said in a statement earlier this year. 

Statewide Election News

School board races in Aurora and statewide reflected shifting partisan focus

“It does not appear as if opposing critical race theory [or mask mandates] is a magic wand to win a school board seat anywhere in the country,”

National Election Roundup

CLOSER LOOK: After tough election, Biden dismisses danger signs

The hazard lights are blinking for President Joe Biden after Democratic setbacks in this week's elections, but the president professes to see no reason for panic.