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‘The Lion King’ hits a key milestone in its circle of...

"The audience started screaming so early. When the animals came down the aisle everybody shot up," recalls director-writer Julie Taymor. "I burst into tears. We were just overwhelmed and we knew we had something."


Denver Art Museum celebrating efforts to bring inclusivity, Spanish to exhibits

“Clara knows the power of language to connect,” said Heather Nielsen, chief learning and engagement officer at the DAM. “She brings an infectious energy and a caring hand to every interaction she has. Clara never tires of making the DAM feel just like home to so many visitors, warmly welcoming them through the doors in Spanish and always with the brightest of smiles.”


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RSV cases may have peaked locally, Children’s Hospital Colorado says

“Our optimistic hope is in the next few weeks we see a pretty significant decline in the number of cases of RSV,” said Dr. Kevin Carney, associate chief medical officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado.


Michelle Obama opens tour for new book, ‘The Light We Carry’

"This book is meant to show you what I keep there and why, what I use professionally and personally to help me stay balanced and confident, what keeps me moving forward even during times of high anxiety and stress," she wrote in the introduction.

PERRY: If you really love your friends and family, don’t give...

That brings me to this repeat offender: Jell-O salad. Any kind. All kinds. Gelatin is the meanest thing science ever did to humans. It is not the product of chefs and cooks, but the invention of a generation, an industry and a mentality that brought us DDT, Pine-Sol and the Atom Bomb.

Macau’s savory meat-potato hash feels foreign and familiar

Egg-custard tarts, salt cod with garlic, and baked duck rice often are on the menu, though so are galinha à Africana (African chicken), Chinese steamed pork buns and Indian coconut curry.

New Aurora ice cream shop serves up opportunity for people with...

“I’m loving it so far,” he said of working at Howdy. He told The Sentinel his favorite parts of the job are making milkshakes and interacting with customers and recommended “cookie nomster” and “birthday cake” as the store’s best ice cream flavors.

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Frontier, 5 other airlines to refund more than $600 million

Frontier Airlines and five foreign carriers have agreed to refund more than $600 million combined to travelers whose trips were canceled or significantly delayed since the start of the pandemic, federal officials said Monday.

Flying home for the holidays will cost you more this year

Airline executives say that based on bookings, they expect huge demand for flights over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Travel experts say the best deals for airfares and hotels are already gone.

Why booking travel on your phone is a bad idea

"When firms employ a drip pricing strategy, the initial price is almost always lower than a competitor's all-in price," said Shelle Santana, assistant professor of marketing at Bentley University and one of the study's authors, in an email interview. "But once they start to add on amenities such as a checked bag, seat options, etc., that difference in price across firms diminishes and sometimes reverses."

Liz Weston: 6 new rules for smarter European travel

Our family of three visited Europe this summer — our first trip there in three years — and had a great time despite the challenges. Still, climate change, growing crowds and lingering effects of the pandemic have altered the way we travel. If you're planning a trip to Europe, consider the following tips to save money and have a better experience.

Going camping? Here’s what you need to know when it comes to fires

“If you’re going to have a fire, it’s your responsibility to figure out if we’re in fire restrictions first,” he said, and added campers should understand “we have a very flammable forest.”