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Jane Withers, child actor turned commercial star, dies at 95

"I had to play the meanest, creepiest little girl that God ever put on this planet," Withers recalled in 2000. "I ran over Shirley with a tricycle, and a baby buggy. And I thought, 'Oh dear, everybody's going to hate me forever because I was so creepy mean to Shirley Temple!' "



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Alicia Keys adapts ‘Girl On Fire’ into young adult novel

HarperCollins Publishers announced Tuesday that "Girl On Fire," the story of 14-year-old Lolo Wright and her telekinetic powers, will come out March 1. The book is cowritten by Andrew Weiner and illustrated by Brittney Williams.

Lemony marinade does double duty for roasted chicken

A touch of honey helps brown the chicken under the broiler, and fresh oregano evokes the herbaceous aromas of those Sicilian squares.

Powerhouse ingredients amp up mild chicken

This recipe from our book "COOKish," which limits recipes to just six ingredients without sacrificing flavor, was inspired by the popular Malaysian dish ayam paprik. It's a quick stir-fry with big, instant flavor thanks to those sauces, as well as bright lime zest and juice.

Colorado orchard restoration project preserves history of apples

"These are living things. These are the work of people. These are the dreams of people," he said. "These are the good or the bad ideas of people for so many years, and these are ideas about how to be self-sufficient and how to be fed had to do the most basic functions of a human being."

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Review: Matthew Fowler brings acoustic elegance to debut

His new album, "The Grief We Gave Our Mother," combines clean, crisp guitar playing with Fowler's warm, wistful tenor and tight background harmonies to deliver well-crafted songs that change speeds and create moods with the sure-footedness of a more seasoned artist.

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Let the fashion policing begin on opening day of Tokyo Games

"In the early days it was no big deal," said David Wallechinksy, executive board member and past president of the International Society of Olympic Historians. "People would just come on. If a team wanted to dress alike they did."

1st cruise ship to sail from US as industry seeks comeback

"We are excited to be part of that," said Russ Schwartz, a Florida school principal who is honeymooning on the ship and is confident it will be smooth sailing. "Things have changed drastically. Back then we really didn't know much about the virus. Cruises at that point weren't prepared."

As passengers return to air travel, bad behavior skyrockets

"The federal government should send a strong and consistent message through criminal enforcement that compliance with federal law and upholding aviation safety are of paramount importance," the letter said, noting that the law calls for up to 20 years imprisonment for passengers who intimidate or interfere with crew members.

EU members agree to lift travel restrictions on US tourists

"Let's look at science and let's look at the progress. Let's look at the numbers and when it's safe, we will do it," De Croo said. "The moment that we see that a big part of the population is double-vaccinated and can prove that they are safe, travel will pick up again. And I would expect that over the course of this summer."

3 international travel ideas for your summer trip

These locations are among the least complicated to get into and are largely embracing American tourists this summer: