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Last weekend to see ‘Toni Stone’ at Aurora Fox

The play is lighthearted and funny at times, but also delves into the real-world racism and discrimination that Stone and her teammates fought against as they sought to follow their dreams of playing professional baseball. 


Is the David porn? Come see, Italians tell Florida parents

"To think that David could be pornographic means truly not understanding the contents of the Bible, not understanding Western culture and not understanding Renaissance art," Hollberg said in a telephone interview.


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Colorado lawmakers give 1st OK to ‘Office of Disordered Eating Prevention’

On Thursday, Colorado lawmakers advanced a bill that would create a state Office of Disordered Eating Prevention, intended in part to patch holes in care, to fund research and to raise awareness.


Library association reports record book ban attempts in 2022

"I've never seen anything like this," says Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who directs the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. "The last two years have been exhausting, frightening, outrage inducing."

A versatile spring vegetable for holiday meals: Asparagus

Asparagus can be steamed, boiled, stir-fried, roasted, baked, grilled, or broiled. Pretty much any way you can cook a vegetable.

Elephant in the dining room: Startup makes mammoth meatball

"This is not an April Fools joke," said Tim Noakesmith, founder of Australian startup Vow. "This is a real innovation."

Comforting Syrian soup pulls almost everything from pantry

Chopped fresh parsley or cilantro freshens the soup, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses adds a tart sweetness that balances the richness of the meat.

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Mardi Gras ebullience intersects with crime worry, politics

Gunfire that broke out during a parade Sunday night left a teenager dead and four others injured, including a 4-year-old girl. Police quickly arrested Mansour Mbodj, 21, for illegally carrying a weapon, then upgraded the charge to second-degree murder.

Free hotel breakfasts are getting bigger and better

"I've eaten at hotel breakfasts around the world, but the breakfasts in Orlando hotels are the busiest I've ever seen," says Button, who runs the Wanderful World of Travel blog. "When you can get a Mickey-shaped waffle for free, wouldn't you?"

Thanksgiving travel rush is back with some new habits

"Of course it's a stressful and expensive time to fly," said Williams, 44, who works in finance. "But after a couple years of not getting to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family, I'd say we're feeling thankful that the world's gotten to a safe enough place where we can be with loved ones again."

Frontier, 5 other airlines to refund more than $600 million

Frontier Airlines and five foreign carriers have agreed to refund more than $600 million combined to travelers whose trips were canceled or significantly delayed since the start of the pandemic, federal officials said Monday.

Flying home for the holidays will cost you more this year

Airline executives say that based on bookings, they expect huge demand for flights over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Travel experts say the best deals for airfares and hotels are already gone.