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REVIEW: Aurora Fox Arts Center’s ‘The Jedi Handbook’ honors imagination, nostalgia

This is a family-friendly play and a good option to see with kids, who will be drawn in by the Star Wars theme and the creative special effects, which, as usual, the Fox puts to excellent work during the production. For those who are older, it’s an enjoyable opportunity to take a trip down memory lane for a few hours.


Greece seeks ‘win-win’ deal on Parthenon Sculptures in UK

Cabinet ministers from Greece and the U.K. discussed Greece's bid to get the Parthenon Sculptures returned from London but gave no sign the world's thorniest cultural heritage issue was any closer to resolution Tuesday.


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Speedier drug approvals hit slowdown as FDA faces scrutiny

Expedited drug approvals slowed this year as the Food and Drug Administration's controversial accelerated pathway came under new scrutiny from Congress, government watchdogs and some of the agency's own leaders.


Aline Kominsky-Crumb, underground cartoonist, dies at 74

"She was the hub of the wheel within her family and community," the website wrote in announcing her death. "She had a huge amount of energy which she poured into her artwork, her daughter, her grandchildren and the meals which brought everyone together. "

Cheers! Serbia’s plum brandy gets UN world heritage status

UNESCO experts gathering in Morocco this week decided that "social practices and knowledge related to the preparation and use" of sljivovica (pronounced SHLI'-vuh-vitsah) deserve U.N. recognition as an example of an important cultural tradition, Serbia's Ministry of Culture said.

Celery stalk in trash, luck, lead to lost wedding rings

"He said, 'I'm pretty sure I threw the rings out,'" Dennis Senibaldi, the transfer station supervisor, said Tuesday.

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Thanksgiving travel rush is back with some new habits

"Of course it's a stressful and expensive time to fly," said Williams, 44, who works in finance. "But after a couple years of not getting to spend Thanksgiving with our extended family, I'd say we're feeling thankful that the world's gotten to a safe enough place where we can be with loved ones again."

Frontier, 5 other airlines to refund more than $600 million

Frontier Airlines and five foreign carriers have agreed to refund more than $600 million combined to travelers whose trips were canceled or significantly delayed since the start of the pandemic, federal officials said Monday.

Flying home for the holidays will cost you more this year

Airline executives say that based on bookings, they expect huge demand for flights over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Travel experts say the best deals for airfares and hotels are already gone.

Why booking travel on your phone is a bad idea

"When firms employ a drip pricing strategy, the initial price is almost always lower than a competitor's all-in price," said Shelle Santana, assistant professor of marketing at Bentley University and one of the study's authors, in an email interview. "But once they start to add on amenities such as a checked bag, seat options, etc., that difference in price across firms diminishes and sometimes reverses."

Liz Weston: 6 new rules for smarter European travel

Our family of three visited Europe this summer — our first trip there in three years — and had a great time despite the challenges. Still, climate change, growing crowds and lingering effects of the pandemic have altered the way we travel. If you're planning a trip to Europe, consider the following tips to save money and have a better experience.