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AP PHOTOS: Bits of the Berlin Wall make global art, memory

"It not only marked the division of Germany and Europe, but also expressed, in a uniquely horrible way, the propensity of human beings to erect walls and borders, and then glare across them, hearts filled with hate, minds full of fear and distrust, all the while numb to the notion that there might be a better way," Annan said.


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Author endeavors to show how animals relate to humans

"Our Wild Calling — How connecting with animals can transform our lives — and save theirs," Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, by Richard Louv Are...

Here comes the holly daze — metro holiday somethings for everyone

The sun now dips below the Front Range too early. Porches and sidewalks are crusted with ice and snow most mornings, and slushy by...

Wine cellar in space: 12 bottles arrive for year of aging

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.  |  A dozen bottles of fine French wine arrived at the space station Monday, not for the astronauts, but for science. The...

Health officials disclose another romaine outbreak, now over

The disclosure late Thursday comes after the produce industry said it was stepping up safety measures following a series of outbreaks , including one last year that sickened more than 200 people and killed five. It's not clear why romaine keeps sickening people, but experts note the difficulty of eliminating risk posed by raw vegetables grown in open fields.

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Review: Jeff Lynne does it nearly all himself on new album

"Time of Our Life," from the band's new album, symbolically brings the two versions together. Lynne plays practically everything on the track (there may be some percussion from album engineer Steve Jay) while paying tribute to the full lineup's June 2017 show at Wembley Stadium — "60,000 mobile phones/Were shining in the dark of night." The song briefly quotes ELO classic "Telephone Line" and there's even a snippet of the crowd's cheers, but don't count on performing royalties even if you think you hear your voice.

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Airbnb to train volunteers for science research sabbatical

"The science itself that we're doing isn't enough," she told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "Actually, one of the biggest threats to our sort of natural environment isn't necessarily the lack of information that we have ... but it's more the disenfranchisement that can occur with policymakers and apathy and eco-fatigue.

Paris tests new bubble-shaped water taxi

Organizers are holding test runs this week on the white, oval-shaped electric hydrofoil boats that resemble tiny space shuttles gliding past Paris monuments.

A writer tracks air pollution worldwide on unique tour

"You could see the pollution shimmering off the headlights," Gardiner says, calling south Asia "the global ground zero for air pollution."

Tourist-dependent Bahamas says it’s still open for business

"All of the donations are welcome, but they can also, very much, assist us by still visiting the islands of the Bahamas in the unaffected areas. They are open for business," said Ellison Thompson, the deputy director general of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

"We're getting a little late start," said Jan Balsom, a senior adviser at the park.