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A stitch in time: Tapestry immortalizes “Game of Thrones”

"It's fantastic. You can see kind of the story, how it all lays out," Amanda Zides, visiting from a suburb of Boston, said as she pored over the tapestry this week. "They did a nice job — great color, great detail."


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‘How to Raise a Reader’ gathers dos, don’ts and book lists

Authors Pamela Paul and Maria Russo are parents themselves, as well as editors of The New York Times Book Review, and they draw on their experience in both realms in writing this book. They argue: "School is where children learn that they have to read. Home is where kids learn to read because they want to. It's where they learn to love to read."

From common to cool: The lowly cabbage has become a star

"It's all about how it is prepared, how it's elevated," says Paul Kahan, a James Beard award-winning chef in Chicago and self-professed cabbage freak.

Plenty of bounty and full moon at Aurora Mid-Autumn Festival

AURORA | The moon was full and the weather was perfect Sept. 15 for a traditional Asian Mid-Autumn Festival at Pacific Ocean Market in...

Mexico celebrates its independence with iconic chile dish

This sensory cocktail isn't made in just any kitchen. And it can take hours to prepare — meaning only some chefs and true fans of the complicated recipe are willing to sharpen their knives and dedicate two days each year to stuffing the relatively unspicy chiles.

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Paris tests new bubble-shaped water taxi

Organizers are holding test runs this week on the white, oval-shaped electric hydrofoil boats that resemble tiny space shuttles gliding past Paris monuments.

A writer tracks air pollution worldwide on unique tour

"You could see the pollution shimmering off the headlights," Gardiner says, calling south Asia "the global ground zero for air pollution."

Tourist-dependent Bahamas says it’s still open for business

"All of the donations are welcome, but they can also, very much, assist us by still visiting the islands of the Bahamas in the unaffected areas. They are open for business," said Ellison Thompson, the deputy director general of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

"We're getting a little late start," said Jan Balsom, a senior adviser at the park.

Marriott banning little shampoo bottles by 2020

"There were a lot of technical features to this that we had to get right," he said.