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Aurora launches $35 million road maintenance push, bypassing voter approval

“You’re not going to find many more ardent defenders of TABOR than me, but I do think certificates of participation can be a smart way for local governments to address capital needs when we don't necessarily need to go to taxpayers,” he said.

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New York Times journalists, other workers on 24-hour strike

Hundreds of journalists and other employees at The New York Times began a 24-hour walkout Thursday, the first strike of its kind at the newspaper in more than 40 years.

‘Expressive times’: Publishing industry an open book in 2022

"I have a theory that publishing is at a very important decision point where it has to decide whether it wants to continue moving forward with 20th century ideas or if it wants to join other businesses and go into the 21st century," McGhee, 28, said recently. "And I think it's very hard for them to make that transition."

Speedier drug approvals hit slowdown as FDA faces scrutiny

Expedited drug approvals slowed this year as the Food and Drug Administration's controversial accelerated pathway came under new scrutiny from Congress, government watchdogs and some of the agency's own leaders.

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