LETTER: Aurora theater shooting victims ‘re-traumatized’ by another Aurora mass shooting

EDITOR:  We are re-traumatized and angry. On Nov. 15, Aurora was the site of yet another mass shooting. This one left six teens injured. The shooting took place at Nome Park just four miles from the theater where our daughter Jessi and 11 others were fatally shot and 70 more were wounded nine years ago. Our hearts break at yet another assault on the peace, safety, and happiness of us all.

When will this violence become unacceptable to our leaders in Colorado and Washington, D.C.? When will our state and federal officials finally get serious about gun violence?

As long as guns remain largely unregulated and some sheriffs refuse even to enforce existing gun laws, our public servants are sending a clear message that the gun lobby is more important to them than our communities and families.

We know the unspeakable pain of burying a child and the grief that doesn’t end. But we fight every day and every step of our way to hold accountable every single legislator who puts the gun industry’s interest over the lives of American families and all those we love. Let’s stop the bleeding — let’s all do better.

— Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 year ago

And repeatedly ad nauseam. Because we refuse to take action. We are all potential victims.