House passes Crow’s measure seeking to name new VA clinic after Aurora legend John Mosley


AURORA | An effort to memorialize Aurora icon and veteran Tuskegee Airman John Mosley by naming a new VA clinic after him moved closer Monday to setting a date to officiate the honor. 

Aurora Congressman Jason Crow said his bill seeking to honor John Mosley by making him the namesake of a new VA outpatient clinic on the Anschutz Medical Campus passed the House on voice vote this week.

“Lieutenant Colonel Mosley embodies the finest our country has to offer. He was an inspirational leader in the Aurora community and in the Air Force,” Crow said. “Naming the new Aurora clinic after Colonel Mosley honors his legacy and will inspire future generations to break barriers.”

Crow proposed earlier this summer a measure calling to name a new VA outpatient clinic in the city after the late Mosley, a veteran of at least three American military conflicts and the first Black football player at Colorado State University.

Trained with the Tuskegee Airmen in Alabama during World War II, Mosley eventually achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the U.S Air Force after a decades-long military career that also included service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Along with his wife, Edna, Mosley was a stalwart Black activist in Colorado until his death in 2015 at age 93. 

“LTC John Mosley was a trailblazer who broke down barriers wherever he went, from college football to the United States Air Force,” Crow said previously in a statement. “His commitment to serving his nation and our community in the face of discrimination is an inspiration and reminder to us all that the promise of this country is in those who are determined to improve our imperfections.

The son of a slave, John Mosley was the valedictorian at Manual High School in the late 1930s and the first Black man to earn a varsity letter for the CSU football team in the early 1940s.

Edna Mosley was the fist Black person to be elected to the Aurora City Council in 1991, and she went on to serve three terms. She died a year before her husband at age 89.

In 2015, Aurora Public Schools named its newest primary school in the eastern portion of the city after the couple.

Omar Montgomery, president of the Aurora branch of the NAACP, lauded Crow’s new measure.

“Lt. Col John W. Mosley had a history of breaking racial barriers in Colorado prior to joining the military by being the first African American to letter in football at Colorado State University,” he said in a statement. “He also was a Civil Rights advocate and was a role model to many African American pilots. Congressman Crow has been engaged with the community since being elected to Congress, so it means a lot to the Aurora Branch of the NAACP that he is taking the lead to recognize a Lt. Col John W. Mosley who is a national hero to this country and especially the African American Community.”

The new outpatient clinic that will serve veterans from across the region is set to open in Aurora next summer.

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 year ago

It may not be much, but it means a lot when we honor our patriots.