Aurora Public Schools planning new logo by beginning of next school year

The current APS logo created about 15 years ago.

AURORA | Aurora Public Schools has contracted with a branding firm to produce a new logo for the 2022-2023 school year as part of a larger goal of developing a stronger visual identity.

The district entered into a $200,000 contract with the firm Mission Minded in September, and is working on a survey that it plans to send out to the community next month, spokesperson Corey Christiansen told The Sentinel.

The district’s current logo has been in place since 2007, according to documents on the district website. The figure in the existing logo represents “diversity in our district and balances a globe to represent how APS is a world-class organization that embraces globalization so our graduates can be competitive in a dynamic world; the mountains in the background represent Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.”

In an email, Christiansen said that the district historically has not placed much focus on branding but has changed a great deal in the ensuing 15 years.

“Since then, our district has transformed and we need a brand that is reflective of our dynamic community of students, staff and families,” he said. “Rebranding is not only creating a new visual identity, but also getting disciplined about telling the story of who we are. We also want to be more purposeful in identifying the amazing learning and growth opportunities our district provides for students and staff especially as we plan for the future.” 

After reviewing over a dozen vendors, Christiansen said APS selected Mission Minded because it “has a national view of school rebranding, but also has staff members who are based in the Denver area and are familiar with our local context.”

The company works with nonprofits, foundations and schools and universities, according to its website. It has worked with the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Health Foundation and the Children’s Museum of Denver.

So far, Mission Minded has conducted stakeholder interviews and brand strategy sessions, Christiansen said, and after the survey is conducted will use the results to “help solidify a strong brand for the district.” The company will work with APS into the next school year as the logo is rolled out.

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9 months ago

It is lunacy to spend this amount on getting a new logo. Schools need food for students and taxpayers dont need to pay for a school system to re-brand… for god sakes it is just a group of schools and the parents and kids know they are a school- that maybe can teach them something worth while for their future. Doubtful but I can only hope they can read and make changes by the time they graduate.

9 months ago
Reply to  vern

The 200000 could have paid for a couple of teachers who could directly helped students.