Aurora first responders recognized for helping mom resuscitate toddler


AURORA | An Aurora mom and several first responders were recognized Tuesday for their quick thinking that saved the life of a young boy experiencing cardiac arrest in August.

Sharon Thompson was at home on the afternoon of Aug. 11 when she found her 15-month-old son, Alexander, unconscious and not breathing, according to a city press release.

Thompson called 911, and was connected with emergency communications specialist Julie McKay. McKay talked Thompson through the process of administering mouth-to-mouth ventilation and chest compressions in an effort to revive her son.

Soon after, Aurora police officer Daniel Kennicutt and Aurora Fire Rescue battalion chief Joe Hill arrived and were able to restart young Alexander’s heart through cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Dave Hamam, Bryant Snow, Patrick Taylor and Michael Wu from Aurora Fire Rescue and Kenneth Mackey and Tee Than from ambulance service Falck Rocky Mountain continued to provide medical care for Alexander, who was transported to the hospital.

Thanks to the swift intervention of his mother and first responders, Alexander made a complete recovery and is neurologically intact, the city release said. On Tuesday, the group was honored with the city’s Phoenix Award, given to individuals who successfully resuscitate someone in cardiac arrest who goes on to make a full recovery.

“I am celebrating Alexander’s life,” Thompson said during the ceremony that was attended by members of their family Tuesday. “I thought my baby was gone, but he came back to us to have this wonderful moment. You guys are heroes.”

McKay has been recognized twice this year with the Phoenix Award — in March, she helped save the life of a woman who also experienced cardiac arrest, according to the release.

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