Aurora court complex shut down for 2 hours after someone brings old grenades for disposal

Just two cars remain in an normally busy Aurora courts complex parking lot Friday July 9 after someone brought 3 old grenades in for “proper” disposal PHOTO SUPPLIED

AURORA | The Aurora municipal campus, which includes city hall, the police station and the municipal courthouse, was abruptly closed for about two hours to the public Friday morning after a man attempted to safely handover three grenades to local authorities for disposal.

Aurora police said the man brought the trio of explosives “to be properly disposed of” shortly before noon on July 9, according to a tweet.

The Arapahoe County bomb squad and personnel from nearby Buckley Space Force Base have responded to handle the devices.

Police said the grenades were type 97, which were used by Japanese forces in World War II.

Officer Crystal McCoy, spokesperson for the Aurora Police Department, said in an email that the man who brought the grenades to the government campus had recently received them from a relative. He will not face any criminal charges in connection with the incident, McCoy said.

Access to the municipal courthouse reopened at about 1:30 p.m. The Buckley bomb squad took possession of the grenades without incident.

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Trebor Cadeau
Trebor Cadeau
2 months ago

Much ado about nothing.
Resident was trying to do the righthing. Should not be charged.

Nextime, rather than endanger everyone along youroute of travel, call police. They will close your street and evacuate neighbors and have the bomb squad ameliorate the situation.