Aurora cop, second in 30 days, pleads guilty to driving drunk in Douglas County

Pictured: Joshua Teeples. Photo provided by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

AURORA | An Aurora police officer has pleaded guilty to driving drunk and leaving the scene of a crash while off-duty in Douglas County last year, marking the second Aurora officer to be found guilty of DUI in the past month, according to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. 

Aurora officer Joshua Teeples, 32, pleaded guilty Feb. 3 to misdemeanor DUI and a pair of traffic charges: failing to report an accident and careless driving, according to court documents. A fourth traffic offense was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. 

Castle Rock police arrested Teeples after he crashed his silver Nissan Armada into another vehicle near the intersection of Plum Creek Parkway and Interstate 25 on Aug. 27, according to an arrest affidavit. He originally left the scene of the collision without talking to authorities. 

Officers traced Teeples to his home on South Meadowlark Drive by running his license plate number, TEEPS2, through a law enforcement database. 

When police found Teeples, he was leaning against a brick wall in front of his garage, officers wrote in the arrest document. Police noted the smell of alcohol around Teeples’ person and said he had “very bloodshot and watery eyes and his balance appeared to be a bit unsteady,” according to the court record. 

After refusing to participate in a roadside test, Teeples was arrested on suspicion of DUI. While en route to the Douglas County jail, Teeples repeatedly asked the arresting officer to allow him to talk to his on-duty supervisor with the Aurora Police Department. Castle Rock police declined, saying department policy stipulates arrestees cannot make phone calls until they are booked into jail. 

“Teeples stated rules/policies are meant to be bent,” police wrote. 

Teeples then asked the arresting officer to post his bond for him. 

The officer declined.

Once at the jail, Teeples became combative, requiring multiple officers to attempt to calm him. He proceeded to ram his head against a glass panel in a holding cell four times, according to police. 

He posted a $1,000 bond and was released several hours later, according to a spokesperson for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. 

Teeples remains on restricted duty with Aurora police, according to a department spokesperson. An internal affairs investigation into the incident is currently being conducted. 

Teeples is scheduled to be sentenced at 2:30 p.m. on March 23. 

Another Aurora officer, Annette Brook, pleaded guilty to DUI in Douglas County in a separate case last month.