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CAPITOL IDEAS: State lawmakers return to Legislature, focused on crime,...

On the top of the Democrats’ priority list are: reducing state fees, especially on small businesses, lowering health care costs, more investments in education, tackling public safety and addressing air quality issues.

NEW YEAR, SAME PANDEMIC: 2022 begins with bigger challenges, longer waits...

“We’re dealing with a dramatically infectious virus that’s spreading like wildfire through the community that may not be making folks as sick as we experienced with the delta variant, particularly if they’ve been vaccinated,” he said. 

2021 IN REVIEW: More pandemic, vax-a-nation, Aurora police woes and political...

2021 brought insurrection, vaccine, more pandemic, vexxed police and seemingly endless political squabble

PROMISE LANDED: Churches move past governments in offering temporary homes to...

Aurora churches and communities of faith stepping around governments to step up solutions to the region’s growing homelessness crisis.

EARLY YEARNING: The need for pre-school education has never been greater...

Early childhood education has been proven to be a boon to both kids and their parents, but who can access it depends heavily on who can pay for it, and in Colorado demand outstrips the supply of childcare facilities and workers.

THE GIFT OF LOCAL: No need to look any farther than...

Whether it’s food, fun or now-for-something-completely-different, Aurora and beyond has answers for every pesky time you ask, “what am I going to get them?”

FLUSHED WITH SUCCESS: Aurora and other Colorado communities push past ‘toilet-to-tap’...

In the decade Aurora has been running Prairie Waters there hasn’t been one complaint about the quality of the water, and that’s the point.

TRI-COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTURE: Pandemic politics pulled the agency apart, now leaders...

“I would be lying if I didn’t say we’re concerned,” said Kelly Phillips-Henry, CEO of the Aurora Mental Health Center, about the split. 

RIGHT TURN: Aurora voters shift city council to the political right...

The results will change the course of the city council, which has steadily moved to the left in recent elections.


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Colorado Legislature plans to tackle rising costs, crime

"We will not go back to the failed policies of the past that overpopulated our prisons, wasted taxpayer dollars, that have left us with high recidivism and not nearly enough rehabilitation," Garnett said.

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