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Select Colorado COVID-19 vaccine clinics offering seasonal flu shot this weekend

With U.S. schools and businesses reopened, international travel resuming and far less masking this fall, flu could make a comeback. The big question is whether it will trickle in or roar back and put extra pressure on hospitals already struggling with COVID-19 surges.

Sentinel Cover Stories

THE PRICE OF REFORM: Beset by challenges and demands, a fuzzy...

While the final tab for reforming Aurora police is unclear, preliminary work shows it won’t come at a savings

9 LIVES: Nine people you may not know, working tenaciously for...

A household name among those who regularly work with these Aurora area paragons, these are a few of the people who modestly get things done, all without the usual noise from the media and the mighty.

FULL FALL OUT: Despite limitations and changes created by the pandemic,...

Between erratic prices for flights, absent rental cars and myriad pandemic unknowns, you’re probably finding yourself among the growing number of folks looking at yet another fall stay-cation this year. Fret not. This is going to be fun.

KEEPING THE FAITH: For most Muslims in the region, the effects...

“This isn’t just something on one day that we recognize or mourn,” she said. “This is something that for many people is every day, and we need to honor that.”

COMMON CENSUS: New Census data shows more growth, more multiculturalism and...

“As we talk more about multiracial identity, the boundaries around what it means to be of a single race, or just one race, I think those boundaries are changing,” Pedroza said. 

DIVIDED and CONQUERED: Tri-County health department divorce looks imminent after mask...

  For the second time in 13 days, the Tri-County Health Department board of health gathered virtually on Aug. 30 to discuss public health orders...

MENTAL GYMNASTICS: Athletes have long pushed past mental health issues, but...

Simone Biles' legacy as a gymnast is already well established, but it is when and how she put the spotlight on the mental health of athletes that could be more long-lasting. Her example has been huge for local mental health professionals, many of whom believe that athletics is an established structure that can help them reach more young people who might not have otherwise sought help.

RED FLAG WAVING: In its second year, ‘red flag’ law created...

The attorney general encouraged law enforcement agencies like Denver, where judges have granted 75 extreme and temporary protection orders in the past 18 months, to educate the public on how to initiate the process.

ARMS RACE: Mobile clinics work to vaccinate hard-to-reach communities along the...

John Letson had seen too many apocalyptic movies to feel comfortable getting a covid-19 vaccine initially. “I was completely against it,” the 40-year-old movie buff...


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Police and Courts

Coroner identifies pedestrians, driver killed in triple fatal Aurora crash Wednesday

The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office has identified the two pedestrians struck and killed after a driver had an unknown medical emergency and swerved onto a sidewalk in Aurora Wednesday afternoon as 62-year-old Yolanda Sosa Munevar and 67-year-old Ana Lucrecia Sosa Munevar.

Around Aurora

Colorado Legislature

Colorado commission rushes to finish new congressional map

Colorado's independent congressional redistricting commission has entered the final stretch in fashioning a map for the next decade that incorporates a new eighth district and tries to keep intact communities of interest, such as Hispanic and Latino voters and urban and rural economic interests

Local Obituaries

Randy Luke Pope, known by many affectionate names, dies at 59

Luke was the owner/operator of a local HVAC company, Lukewarm Services. He took immense pride in his work, and it was his second passion after his children. Luke was a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan, always rooting for the underdog. He had a wonderful and playful sense of humor. He gave everyone he met laughter and excitement.