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SIMPLY THE BEST: Sentinel readers choose the Best of Aurora 2022

Sentinel readers choose the best food, drink, shopping, services and more for 2022

Aurora film students struggle for justice after they were attacked on...

“He was like, ‘You need to leave. You’re not where you belong,’” Kate said. She and her friend both noted Jon smelled like he’d been drinking and was slurring his speech.

Off to college, Sofia Aarestad is a testament to new opportunities...

Her trajectory is testament to the fact that expectations and opportunities for people with Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities have expanded over the past several decades. But in many cases, it’s still an uphill battle for families to get the services required for their children to succeed.

Off to the races: Hold on, more divisive controversy and a...

Sure, if you’re like many in the region, you’re thinking election news is like bad weather these days, always on the horizon. While the much-watched “mid-term” congressional races capture most of the headlines, November will bring a bevy of consequential choices to every voter across Colorado.

Session check-in: As the clock ticks out on the 2022 legislative...

While some big bills, such as a guarantee of abortion rights and top-line spending priorities are done or on their way to being solved, issues such as how to legislate a growing drug overdose problem and bring the state into the dilemma of local homelessness are far from over.

CLASS ACT: When you’re ready to get out of the house...

A wide range of venues and places say they’re seeing unprecedented interest in learning something new, and not online.

APS BLUEPRINT: Years in the making, sweeping plan to remake APS...

For the past few years, APS officials have been working on a plan to redraw the entire school district, which like many across the nation, is seeing fewer students each year. The sweeping plan was scrapped by the school board last week, leaving changes in flux

NET GAIN: Local activists get the ball rolling for young immigrants...

Activists say that kids transplanted here from around the world as immigrants and refugees get comfortable when they mix soccer with their new lives.

THINK BIG: With increasing community needs, Aurora Mental Health Center says...

In July 2020, they finalized a deal with Jefferson Hills to purchase the 7.3-acre property for $7.3 million.


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Aurora council will narrow recommendations for youth violence funding

A staff slideshow indicated all but one of the organizations were slated to receive less money than they asked for, though Christina Amparan, the city’s youth violence prevention program manager, said the amounts were within a range of acceptable funding requested from each applicant.

Colorado Legislature

Aurora lawmakers champion security funding for churches, nonprofit groups

The law designates $500,000 from the state’s general fund toward the program for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Grant recipients can use the money for new security infrastructure, upgrades to existing features and security-related training and personnel.

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