Rescued climber won’t be billed for search


BOULDER, Colo. | A Canadian teenager plucked from a 13,000-foot ledge in Rocky Mountain National Park will not be billed for the search and rescue.

Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson tells The Daily Camera ( ) the cost of Wednesday’s rescue, which will probably reach thousands of dollars because a helicopter was used, will be covered by park service operating funds.

Nineteen-year-old Samuel Frappier (frap-EE’-ay) of Quebec was flown from Longs Peak, where he got stuck while descending from its summit the day before. He had to spend the night on the ledge before rescuers could reach him.

Search-and-rescue costs in Colorado aren’t typically billed to the person who is lost or stranded because searchers don’t want to instill the fear of a potentially large bill to cause someone to hesitate in calling for help.

Information from: Daily Camera,