Colorado’s Gov. Polis says he would veto climate change bill


COLORADO SPRINGS | Colorado Gov. Jared Polis says he would veto a bill backed by fellow Democrats and making its way through the Legislature that is designed to enforce, through additional regulation, a state plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming.

The wide-ranging bill, sponsored by Sens. Faith Winter and Dominick Moreno and Rep. Dominique Jackson, would direct the state Air Quality Control Commission to enact regulations to enforce the reduction of carbon emissions called for in the plan.

Among other things, the commission, part of the state health department, would be required to issue rules imposing fees on emissions a per-ton basis and require electricity generators and power transmission firms to file plans that align with an 80% reduction of 2005 emissions by 2030.

Polis told the editorial board of the The Gazette of Colorado Springs on Tuesday the bill “would essentially give this unelected board, the Air Quality Control Commission, near-dictatorial control of our entire economy with a legal mandate to meet certain hard carbon reduction goals, many of which we’re already much of the way to.”

Asked if he would veto the bill as it stands, Polis responded: “Yeah, I mean, we’re not willing to give dictatorial authority over our economy to one unelected board that lacks the broader mandate and expertise.”

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J.D. Ruybal
11 days ago

As their are greater and greater numbers of people, from All walks of life and from around the world, who are absolutely aware of the climate crisis the world is facing. And as there are large numbers of people in Colorado who claim to want less politics. And because people have been declaring, on high, that they want to take politics out of science…

Here is The opportunity for Coloradans to collectively come forward in demanding ‘Less government’ while allowing science to do what it does best. In this case Science—*without corporate influence and without a focus on economic gain*—will help protect us from the idea that we can move forward only based on the ‘politics of Economy’.

One man may be All that stands between the people and corporate politics. This is going to be telling! Lets stand strong for life!