Colorado is investigating virus outbreak affecting children


DENVER | The Colorado health department is investigating after dozens of children suffered neurological complications due to a rare viral infection.

The Department of Public Health and Environment reports finding 41 cases of enterovirus A71 infections leading to neurological complications this year.

All of the patients were hospitalized and nearly all have fully recovered. All but one of those affected was 5 years old or younger. The children have been diagnosed with meningitis, encephalitis and acute flaccid myelitis

Pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Samuel Dominguez tells The Denver Post the A71 strain of enterovirus is rarely found in the U.S. Symptoms include sudden weakness in arms or legs, trouble breathing, loss of balance, fever, severe headache and unusual jerking motions while asleep.

Health officials aren’t sure what caused the outbreak, which began this spring.

Information from: The Denver Post,