DENVER  | Your weekly look at what’s coming up at the Colorado Legislature:


The Senate Judiciary Committee starts work Wednesday on a death-penalty bill from a Republican who wants to challenge Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. The bill would require the state Supreme Court to rule on a death penalty appeal within three years of the filing of the notice of appeal.


Colorado recently converted an aging prison in southeast Colorado to a treatment center for the homeless. Lawmakers are getting an update Thursday on how the program is going and how much it’s costing.


Lawmakers are getting a presentation Thursday on the status of Colorado’s state-run health insurance exchange. The exchange is running behind its enrollment goals in the final weeks of open enrollment, so expect plenty of questions about how the health overhaul is going in Colorado.


Republican lawmakers have been very critical of last year’s election-law overhaul, passed by Democrats, which included the requirement that every registered voter get a ballot by mail. On Monday, two Republican senators take aim at that requirement with proposals that would allow people to opt out of getting a mail ballot, and facilitate challenges to votes cast by mail. The proposals, however, are unlikely to get out of the Democrat-controlled committee hearing the bills.


Websites that publish people’s jail booking photos, and then charge money to take them down, would have to remove the pictures for free at a person’s request if they were never convicted, under a bill getting its first hearing Tuesday. Georgia and Utah have passed similar laws.

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