‘Extreme Weight Loss’ show to go, now a bootcamp at Aurora’s CU Anschutz campus


AURORA | Carnival cruise line passengers aren’t asked to row. And it’s likely that Club Med diners don’t carry their own crab legs from the basement to the table, up three flights of stairs.

Those types of vacations didn’t necessarily appeal to Lynda Weaver, an Ohio resident, who traveled to Aurora to haul shovels, large cases of soda and paint buckets up the stairs at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. Weaver wasn’t alone; about 33 people signed up for the first availability of Destination Boot Camp, a weeklong weight-loss vacation at CU designed around the center’s participation in ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” program. The program is geared to help participants lose weight like they see on the show.

“I was really interested and excited when I heard about the program,” Weaver said. “I was ready for a definite change when I came here.”

Weaver said she would like to lose about 90 pounds through the program, which is split into four phases. The first phase, a week spent at the CU wellness center, includes meals and workouts with trainers and participants in the show. The second phase is a 15-week long program centered around “State of Slim,” a diet developed at the center with the medical director for the center, Dr. Holly Wyatt, and includes weekly one-hour online sessions with training staff. The third phase includes biweekly and monthly checkups with staff for eight months. The final phase is a graduation from the program and a celebration of the “transformation,” according to the program. The cost for all four phases is roughly $7,400.

“I think the word ‘transformation’ is something. It’s really about learning how to get on the path to transform your life and change your life, and it’s going somewhere to be the best version you can be and have some help along the way,” Wyatt said.

Gary Wheat, president of Visit Aurora, a tourism group that brings visitors to the city, said the boot camps are a big boost to the city’s image.

“It’s not only a great motivator for people to get the positive outcomes … but it has a positive impact on Aurora and to drive new visitors who wouldn’t have otherwise come,” he said.

Wheat said in the tourism industry that people often vacation on “wellness trips” centered around hiking, biking or other activities.

“I know there’s a lot of people still struggling. They want help, the show just motivates them that they could make those changes in their own lives,” Wyatt said.

So far 33 people have signed up for the first three camps at the wellness center. Officials say space is available in the fourth camp, which begins Oct. 26, and that registration is open to Colorado residents.

ABC is beginning to film the second season of “Extreme Weight Loss” at the center.

“We hope that people come here and have a positive experience with their visit and have a positive experience with their lifestyle habit,” said Wheat.

For more information about Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp call 844-404-2008