Trump’s pageant woes mount with TV and contestant drop-outs


NEW YORK | Fallout from Donald Trump’s remarks about immigrants from Mexico continued Tuesday as a TV company backed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said it was scrapping a project in development with the outspoken mogul, and Mexico announced it won’t be sending a contestant to the Miss Universe contest, which Trump partly owns.

Ora TV became the latest company to cut ties with Trump over remarks he made in his recent presidential campaign kickoff speech, declaring that some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime to the U.S. and are rapists.

The company did not give any details about the project it had been developing with Trump. Slim holds a majority interest in Ora TV, which produces shows including “Larry King Now” and “Off the Grid with Jesse Ventura.”

Spanish-language network Univision and Mexican media giant Televisa have also said they would no longer be doing business with Trump.

Last week, Univision announced it was cancelling plans to air the Miss USA pageant next month and the Miss Universe competition next January.

NBC followed suit on Monday by saying it would also skip both pageants, which it co-owns with Trump, and would not welcome Trump back to host “The Celebrity Apprentice” upon its scheduled return next season.

NBC said it would fill Miss USA’s time slot on July 12 with “American Ninja Warrior’s” USA vs. the World Competition.

Trump called NBC “weak” and “foolish” for objecting to his immigration comments. He has threatened legal action against both NBC and Univision.

The Miss Universe contest will not only be missing those TV outlets, but also a contestant from Mexico, the country’s national beauty pageant director confirmed on Tuesday.

Lupita Jones said via her official Twitter account that she was offended and angry “like everyone else” with Trump over his comments referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists.

Jones was Miss Universe 1991 and runs the Mexico competition. She said Trump damaged the pageant and its tradition of convening countries for an event that showcases “friendship, unity and breaking down cultural barriers.”

She applauded Televisa’s decision not to air the pageant.

Associated Press reporters Mae Anderson in New York and Katherine Corcoran in Mexico City contributed to this report.

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7 years ago

Stay tuned. . .this won’t be the most offensive statement Trump will make. He’s clearly not ready for prime time..

7 years ago
Reply to  chris

Only offensive to those he is talking about. And for those LEGAL immigrants who completed the paperwork, met the requirements, why are you on television touting line for criminals. Thy are criminals when they come across that border, without application completed, and registering. We don’t need more who come for the benefits, and do not intend to be citizens. When all of our physically able, and mentally able, have jobs, then and only then should we fill in the slots still needing a body. But that must be trained, or trainable body. We have enough free loaders now, and USA should be deducting from any country who does not keep their problems at home, and correct them. We want to reduce number in our jails and prisons who have committed crimes here.
TRUMP IS THE ONE WHO TELLS THE TRUTH. We have already experienced the problems with electing politicians, who don’t really know what they are dealing with. This administration will shine forever as most inept, unqualified we have ever had, proven by those who bailed out when they saw what was happening. President is at bottom of barrel , and digging in mud.

7 years ago

I believe Trump is correct, so why do people not want to fact the truth? The term politically correct is phony and the media should face the correct stories, not what they want it to be.

7 years ago

Trump tells the truth about the illegal aliens who cross our borders, and the other cable Companies do not recognize that. We welcome over a million LEGAL immigrants every years from over 90 countries. But another 1.5 million sneak across the border, with too many dying in the desert where they are abandoned by the coyotes if they cannot keep up. If the 13 who lived next door to me few years ago, who did not intend to become citizens, lived next to some of those, they would see the truth to his statements. Only one spoke English, and decals on cars showed they were from Sonora, Mexico. Aged 20 to 30 years, they trashed that house from $186,000 valuation to $89,000 as a fixer-upper, sold to tipper, who repaired. But our part of Aurora dropped from $180,000 range to $90,000 to $100,000. Now creeping back up in valuation.
They bypassed the water and electric meter, trashed the house, and destroyed front and back lawns. I welcome Legal immigration, but definitely oppose the Illegals.