The bong show — Aurora rental store offers the high art of marijuana water pipes


AURORA | It started with a move from Hawaii, with the intention of heading to Maine. A quick stop to see family in Colorado, and — you know the rest of the story.

It’s hard for almost anyone to escape this beautiful state, once you cross the border. And Jimmy Delahunt was no different.

Delahunt decided the move to Maine would end here in the metro area.

As with any move, getting rid of excess is typical. Delahunt began selling and purging. After selling most of what he couldn’t bring, including his gaming systems, there was still plenty of marijuana paraphernalia lying about, and nothing to do with it. There isn’t a Gamestop type of store for weed paraphernalia. Pawn shops won’t take these things either. He gave the majority of his pipes to friends, but because of his meticulous cleaning regimen, he was able to bring two bongs with him.

Nothing is better than a scrupulously clean bong, Delahunt says. And his friends all agreed.

From that, the idea of opening a bong membership service was born — an alternative to spending hard earned money on expensive glass pipes, possibly needing to leave them behind at some point.

Three years later, 39 year old Delahunt has opened a business in Aurora that caters to the water pipe aficionado. Built around a membership platform, Smoke It Again leases out clean bongs on a monthly membership basis.

Water pipe fans are a loyal lot, Delahunt says. Hot, smoking marijuana is cooled and humidified when it’s drawn through water and into a chamber. But the water must be fresh, and the bong must always be clean.

The plan is simple — you pay your monthly membership fee of $25 plus tax, and you have access to check out any “like new” clean bong you like from the inventory and keep it as long as you want. And if you are the clumsy type, which can happen when that head gets tight, Smoke It Again has an insurance policy of an additional $4 a month, covering three breaks a year.

Donning a red hat for his store that read “Make America Smoke It Again,” Delahunt told of how his friends in Hawaii would wait until they got to his home to smoke because of how clean he kept his pipes and bongs.

He stands by his over-the-top cleaning skills and said that if a pipe can’t get to the standard of clean that he wants, he will have giveaways on the shop’s Instagram, which can be found @SmokeItAgain on the app.

Upon entering the store, it’s hard to miss the sound of bongs percolating, as Delahunt has small air filters going into water pipes that line the wall of the store front, causing the sound effect of pulling on one of these glass apparatuses.

The choices are many, as there are more than 100 pieces in the inventory. Having been open for just a month, S m o ke I t Again already has a few members and cleanings are constantly underway.

Us i n g a specific cleaning disinfection method with a variety of cleaners, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be getting a like-new and spotless bong to smoke out of, if you join this club. Delahunt spends about 20-30 minutes per pipe during his cleaning process.

“There’s something about smoking out of a new piece,” Delahunt said.

This isn’t a rental house, but a club.

“It’s just like Netflix,” Delahunt said, “but with unlimited bongs.”

Smoke It Again is located at the corner of Quincy Avenue and Parker Road at 13722 E Quincy Ave. #17, Aurora, CO 80015, its hours of operation are Sunday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.