Shakeup at Aurora’s Coda leads to brewery rebrand to Ursula


AURORA | No, Aurora beer lovers, the city doesn’t have a new brewery on the northside of the Anschutz Medical Campus.

CT.Ursula.3.3.16Instead, one of the city’s staples, Coda Brewing Co., has a new name: Ursula Brewery.

David Olson, the new head brewer, said the new name is an homage to Ursula Street. The change came about after head brewer Luke Smith left Coda last year.

Smith and the brewery are in litigation now working out details on the split, both sides said.

Smith, who helped found the brewery, wanted to keep the Coda name and said this week he hopes to open another Coda in Golden, closer to where he lives.

Before the brewery made Aurora its home, Smith started Coda back in 2011 in his barn in Golden, and said he’d like to open up another brewery on that side of town, though he is still in the early stages and just speaking to investors.

“Hopefully I’ll finally bring Coda back where Coda started,” he said.

As for Ursula, Olson said besides the name change, customers shouldn’t expect much difference. The lineup of beers will remain largely unchanged, he said, and that point has so far been the primary concern for customers.

“We’ve heard: ‘We don’t care what you call yourself, as long as the beer is there,’” Olson said.

The brewery hosted a fire sale last week to clear out much of the Coda-branded merchandise. Olson said growlers and glassware with the new name are already available, and they are working on stickers, shirts and other merchandise.

The brewery will operate as normal except for a Sunday in the near future when they will close so they can reconstruct part of the bar, which has Coda logos embedded in it.

Other than that, Olson said it’s business as usual, just with a new name.

The name Ursula is Greek for bear, and Olson said it gives the brewery some cool opportunities for logos and beer names. It also brings to mind the villain from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

“That’s where most everyone goes,” Olson said with a laugh.

And while that infamous sea witch isn’t the primary inspiration, Olson said they won’t shy away from it.

“We’ll probably make fun of ourselves,” Olson said.