Quick tips for dealing with flood damage in your car


AURORA | Standing water and a 500-year soak according to Aurora officials have left more than a few people asking: What do I do with my car now?

Chances are if your car was stranded and submerged, there’s little hope that it can be salvaged. But for many Aurorans their cars are in the gray area: plenty wet, but they’re wondering what’s catastrophic?

According to Jeff Sibel, spokesman for Progressive Insurance Company, there are a few things to do.

First, he says, call your insurance company immediately. Most cars are covered for flood damage in comprehensive plans. Check to see if your insurance company is among the many who do cover flooding.

Second, if your car was in standing water check the oil indicator — often called a dipstick. If the oil level seems too high, that means there could be water in the engine. Don’t start or run your car under that circumstance; it could cause severe damage. Similarly, measure how deep the water your car was standing in. It may have not risen high enough to damage vital parts of your car’s engine and if it did, the amount of time your car was submerged can dictate how salvageable your car’s parts are.

Also, as the weather warms up, dry as much of the car as you can. Warmer temperatures speed corrosion on the outside, said Sibel, and properly drying the interior carpets and upholstery can reduce mold or rust forming on the inside.


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Jamal Smalls
Jamal Smalls
9 years ago

Mr. Cole, you’re full of it! Full of information. Thanks!

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole
9 years ago
Reply to  Jamal Smalls

Thanks. I hope it helped.