Here’s WHAT’S HAPPENING this weekend: 5 cool things to do


Artistes Nouveaux: Modern Vaudeville, 8 p.m., Saturday, Aurora Fox, 9900 E. Colfax Ave. Tickets start at $24. Information: 303-739-1970 or Details: The American comedy scene didn’t start with a stand-up mic in front of a brick wall. The roots of the comedy art form in the U.S. go much deeper, to the early decades of the 20th century. Vaudeville theater was the early 20th century’s answer to the comedy club, and the style saw a wealth of performers. The Aurora Fox will pay tribute to that era in American comedy with “Artistes Nouveaux,” a show that features jugglers, acrobats, singers, mentalists and burlesque dancers. The one-night show will cap this year’s Aurora Arts Festival and will feature a wide range of modern Vaudeville performers who’ll head east from their home gig at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.

This Must Be the Band, 9 p.m., Friday, Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver. Tickets start at $16. Information: Details: Cover bands run the inherent risk of cheesiness. However noble the intentions, paying tribute to a beloved band or artist can easily come off as hacky or insincere. The members of This Must Be the Band are well aware of those logo-700x466pitfalls, and they’ve done their homework in honing an onstage act dedicated to the most memorable work of the Talking Heads. The band’s work to recreate the work of David Byrne and company is painstaking, from costumery to musical arrangements. This Must Be the Band succeeds in maintaining that tricky balance between imitation and sincerity. Their show at the Ogden promises to be a treat for any Talking Heads fan. If they’re lucky, they’ll manage to recapture the energy and enthusiasm of the legendary 1983 Talking Heads show featured in the film “Stop Making Sense.”

“Lobby Hero,” all weekend, Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St. Tickets start at $26. Information: 303-856-7830 or Details: There’s something exciting about seeing a gritty cop thriller play out live on stage. The taut drama “Lobby Hero” by Kenneth Lonergan adds a more immediate dimension to the run-of-the-mill detective story. When it debuted in 2001, critics raved about the show’s intriguing plot and compelling characters. The show revolves around Jeff, a security guard drawn into a high-stakes murder investigation. The case draws in a wide cast of players, including a young rookie cop who has to drill down beyond loyalties and procedure to get to the heart of the case. The nuanced plot would fit into any number of popular TV cop shows, but the difference here is format. It’ll be tough for audiences watching the case unfold on the Vintage Theatre stage not to feel invested.

Colorado Renaissance Festival, 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.,  all weekend, 650 W. Perry Park Ave., Larkspur. Tickets: $9-$19.95. Information: call 303-688-6010 or visit Details: A magical tour through time and legend marks the 38th season of Colorado’s own Renaissance celebration. Relive the excitement of the 16th century as artisans create original works, turkey legs roast on spits, and hundreds of authentically costumed merrymakers perform across the festival’s seven stages. Featuring everything from jousters to jugglers and minstrels to maidens fair, the Renaissance festival promises to entertain and educate adults and children alike.

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, 8 p.m. Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat., June 27-28, Comedy Works Larimer Square, 1226 15th St., Denver. Tickets: $25. Information: call 303-595-3637 or visit Details: Fresh off their Netflix special “Fat Man, Little Boy,” the comedic duo is back on the road and hungry for laughs.  The heart of Broken Lizard’s comedy group, Heffernan (aka “Farva” from Super Troopers) and Lemme (aka “Fink” from Beerfest) will perform their hysterical brand of stand-up intertwined with hilarious anecdotes and impromptu audience interaction.