Comedy legend Chevy Chase comes to town with ‘Caddyshack’ screening


Before the likes of ‘American Pie,’ ‘21 Jump Street,’ ‘Pineapple Express,” or crass comedies, there was ‘Caddyshack.’ Rivaling National Lampoon’s best films, ‘Caddyshack’ has garnered a cult following in large part to Chevy Chase’s performance as the unforgettable country club waif, Ty. Chase is coming to Bellco Theatre to view the movie with fans. He will share memories from the making of the film in unpredictable ways, the very comedy that made Chevy Chase a household name and comedy legend.

6 P.M., Aug. 25. Tickets on sale now and are starting at $49.75. Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St.; 888-929-7849.