Chef Hosea’s gazpacho is the perfect cooler for the summer swelter


Life changed dramatically for Hosea Rosenberg after he won season five of Bravo’s Top Chef competition. The former executive chef at Boulder’s Jax Fish House has travelled widely for food festivals and celebrity chef events, but he has always come home to Colorado. While he and mixologist James Lee prospect for a possible restaurant site, they are focused on their Blackbelly Catering company and an organic farm near Longmont where pigs and produce are being raised. Rosenberg recently demonstrated the following gazpacho recipe at the Boulder County Farmers Market.


Smooth Tomato Gazpacho

4 large beefsteak tomatoes

1/4 red onion, chopped

1/4 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped

1/2 cup sherry vinegar

1 English cucumber, peeled, chopped

2 tablespoons Colorado honey

Kosher salt to taste

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Garnishes: including chopped strawberries or roasted beets, and finely chopped sorrel or mint


Bring large pot of water to boil. Score skin of tomatoes with knife and plunge into boiling water for 1 minute. Remove and put in bowl of ice water until tomatoes are cold. Remove, peel skin and discard, cut in half, and gently squeeze out as many seeds as possible.

In small pot, bring pepper, onion and sherry vinegar to boil. Cook until most of the liquid has evaporated. Allow to cool.

In blender, combine tomato, onion mix, cucumber, honey and salt. Blend until very smooth. Check seasoning. Slowly whisk in olive oil. Chill for at least 90 minutes or until very cold.

Serve with garnishes of your choice — we use diced strawberries or roasted beets, and finely chopped sorrel or mint. Makes about eight servings.