BREW NEWS: New Mu sour, fruit beers at Ursula


AURORA | When he opened Mu Brewery back in 2014, Nathan Flatland had no intention to make sour beers.

Worries about the challenge they can pose to a brewer’s gear and a general lukewarm feeling to the brews had him convinced sours weren’t gonna be part of the lineup at his East Colfax Avenue brewery.

“I never thought I’d make beers like that,” he said this week, pointing a frosty pint of his new Pina Colada Sour.

But thanks to the success of his Sour Cherries and a couple others, Flatland said he’s always going to have at least one sour on tap.

This week, he unveiled that new Pina Colada version.

Flatland said he made a base sour and then mixed in a handful of flavors, including mango habanero, citrus peel with ginger and a mojito flavor.

Flatland said he opted for the pina colada flavor because the sweetness balanced out the sour and made the beer especially drinkable, not an overpowering sour.

“Yes, this is a pina colada sour, but it’s still a beer,” he said.

The brewery also has its uber-popular Beer-A-Mu-Su on tap, and will for the foreseeable future. The blonde ale that tastes remarkably like a tiramisu has been so popular Flatland said he struggled to keep some on tap.

But thanks to an arrangement with Rockyard Brewing Co. in Castle Rock, which is letting Mu brew extra batches there, Flatland said he intends to have some of the beer on tap all the time.

And in one last bit of Mu news, the brewery recently added a “Game of Thrones” pinball machine, which is surely worth checking out.

Earlier this month Ursula Brewery released their new Melismatic Belgian Pale. Now, they’ve added several fruit-infused variations of the brew, including mango, blood orange and prickly pear.

And it’s a big week at Dry Dock Brewing Co. As we mentioned last week, the brewery is celebrating Aurora’s birthday with their new Aurora Ale and parties today and tomorrow.

But they also tapped a Milk Stout on Tuesday, and that’s worth a try, too.