BREW NEWS: Big bet at Coda, new brews at Copper Kettle


AURORA | If you are feeling anxious about the Super Bowl, take comfort knowing you don’t have as much riding on it as a staffer at Aurora’s Coda Brewing Co. 

As beer makers often do, Coda made a wager with one of their counterparts in North Carolina, Triple C Brewing Co. in Charlotte.

But wagering a case of Coda’s Via Chicago against Triple C’s Strong Pale Ale wasn’t enough.

Derek Mitchell, a server who also works in sales for Coda, is also wagering a tattoo on the big game. Should the Broncos lose, Mitchell is getting a Carolina Panthers tattoo. If the Broncos win, Mike Foster from Triple C is getting a Broncos tattoo.

Dave Olson, the head brewer at Coda, said the size and location of any potential tattoo hasn’t been hammered out, but Mitchell has some ideas.

“It’s not the most exposed place, but it will still be seen,” he said,

As for rooting interests, Olson said everyone at Coda is a Bronco fan this week, though Foster isn’t exactly a diehard the rest of the year.

“But either way, he’s not a Panthers fan,” he said with a laugh.

Be on the lookout for some mourning

At Mu Brewery, the Colfax beermaker has poured their last pint of the popular Sour Cherries Ale. But, the brewery said on Facebook they are happy to replace that brew with another popular brew: Suko’s Treasure,  a Berlinerweisse aged in a Merlot barrel for 6 months. The new brew should tap Friday.

At Copper Kettle Brewing Co., a few special bombers are set for release in the coming days. First, on Saturday, the Bourbon Barrel Aged Mexican Chocolate Stout comes out. Then the following Saturday their Law’s Charlie’s Golden Strong, a Belgian golden strong aged in Law’s Whiskey Barrels.