Aurora riders prepare for Bike to Work Day


Leave the car parked. There are several opportunities this month break out the bicycle for the trip to and from work. Commuters will be encouraged to ditch their cars for a day and ride their bikes to work on June 26.

A prep day is also scheduled for June 14.

The free nation wide event Bike to Work Day aims to inspire casual and seasoned cyclists alike to get out on two wheels. The event is presented by Way to Go, a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, work together to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make life better for the region’s residents according to their website.

This year there will be nine stations throughout Aurora offering discounts, refreshments and minor repairs for participants.

Treads Bicycle Outfitters Aurora will be offering orange juice, donuts and air pumps to top off low tires. Craig Sandeno, a sales associate at Threads, said newcomers to the event should have fun and take it easy.

“Don’t go out and think you’re Lance Armstrong on your first day because you’ll get sore and you’ll give up biking,” Sandeno said.

Commuters should also make sure their bikes are in top shape and any major repairs are dealt with before the event and they have an established route to work. Sandeno said one of the most important parts of Bike to Work Day is that commuters are comfortable getting to work. Aurora has easily accessible bike paths like the Aurora Reservoir and Piney Creek Trails which provide a safe and scenic way to pedal your way to work.

If you think you made need extra hands repairing your bike or tips on commuter safety, the city of Aurora is hosting a Bike to Work Prep Day on June 14 at the Aurora Municipal Center Great Lawn. The event will be held during the Aurora Food Truck Rodeo and Summer in the City events from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bicycle Colorado will also be offering a class on road safety. The class is free, but spots are limited. To register go to

Sandeno said that now is a great time to start the annual tradition and start biking to work on a more regular basis. Saving money on gas, preventing daily wear on your car and curbing pollution are all financial and environmental benefits to riding instead of driving. But getting healthy, being out in nature and feeling the wind in your hair are the best parts of a bike commute for Sandeno.

“Biking is fun, but people forget it when they stopped being kids,” he said.